Egypt: Ra manifest in many forms

Reluctance and Curiosity About Egypt:

Both the individual and the practitioner express a lack of fascination with Egypt, despite its historical allure.

The individual has a past life in Egypt, which involved dark magic and intense experiences.

Shenanigans and Dark Magic in Egypt:

There were significant disruptions and manipulation of timelines in ancient Egypt.

The practitioner mentions curses and binding of timelines, impacting many individuals, including the 144,000 referenced in spiritual contexts.

Role in Egyptian Timeline:

The individual helped galactic beings transition back to their dimensions during the rise of humanity.

The temples served as interdimensional portals, similar to the pyramids, connecting Earth to other dimensions like Orion.

Galactic Beings and Egyptian Mythology:

Many depictions in Egyptian mythology and other indigenous cultures describe interactions with galactic beings.

The practitioner emphasizes that these beings were often interpreted through the lens of the times, leading to descriptions like “chariots from the heavens.”

Personal Connection to Galactic Beings:

The individual was part of facilitating the departure of various galactic beings as humanity began to rise.

These beings included different forms, such as felines and avians, reflecting the diversity of galactic visitors on Earth.

Specific Encounters and Experiences:

The practitioner references another session where an individual worked with Ra, noting the multi-dimensional aspects of these beings.

The practitioner confirms that Ra, or similar entities, could manifest in various forms, including avian.

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