Ancient Egypt: 144,000 Souls

This session continues to delve into the individual’s past lives and current life purpose, particularly focusing on their connections to Egypt and the 144,000 souls.

Past Life in Egypt and the 144,000 Souls

Connection to Spellcasting in Egypt:

The individual’s past life in Egypt involved significant spellcasting activities.

This period is tied to the concept of the 144,000 souls, which represents a group of co-creators in Egypt.

The 144,000 Souls:

These souls were responsible for various aspects of Egypt’s spiritual and physical infrastructure.

They played a key role in the convergence and subsequent splitting of Egypt’s timelines into higher and lower dimensions.

Timeline Convergence and Split:

The convergence of timelines from Egypt is connected to the current 5D shift and the Age of Aquarius.

This cyclical convergence and splitting process is natural and repeats across ages.

Current Incarnation and Purpose:

Many of the 144,000 souls, including the individual, have reincarnated now to facilitate the current timeline convergence.

Their presence and energy are essential for bringing in this convergence point.

Survival of Life-Threatening Events:

The individual shares personal stories of surviving potentially fatal incidents, such as drug overdose and car accidents.

These experiences are common among the 144,000 souls, who are often pushed back to life due to their critical role in the current shift.

Prevented Deaths and Critical Role:

The records indicate that those part of the 144,000 are often prevented from dying to ensure they fulfill their mission.

Currently, 60% of these souls have awakened, and reaching 90% is considered critical mass for the shift.

Reflections and Insights:

Role in the Egyptian Timeline:

The individual’s role in Egypt involved aiding galactic beings in transitioning out as humanity rose.

They assisted in navigating the multidimensional aspects of temples, which served as portals.

Continuity of Purpose:

The individual’s work in past lives, especially in transformative periods like Egypt’s timeline split, continues into their current life.

Their survival of life-threatening events underscores their indispensable role in the ongoing spiritual shift.

Personal Experiences and Universal Themes:

The individual’s near-death experiences and subsequent returns to life illustrate a broader pattern among the 144,000.

These experiences are not merely personal but are interconnected with their larger spiritual mission.

Encouragement and Understanding:

Understanding the context of these experiences provides clarity and encouragement for the individual.

Knowing their crucial role helps them embrace their path with greater confidence and purpose.


This session emphasizes the individual’s significant past life experiences in Egypt, their connection to the 144,000 souls, and their crucial role in the current spiritual shift.

Their survival of life-threatening events is seen as part of a broader, purposeful pattern to ensure they fulfill their mission. The session highlights the importance of these past experiences in shaping their current life and spiritual journey, encouraging them to embrace their role with confidence.

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