Pyramid of Giza

20,000 BCE

Construction and Purpose

The pyramids, including the Pyramid of Giza, are over 22,000 years old. This significantly predates the commonly accepted age of around 4,500 years, suggesting that they were constructed much earlier than mainstream archaeology currently believes.

The Pyramid of Giza was not built haphazardly by slaves but was constructed with precise mathematical and geometric principles.

The height, width, and overall design of the pyramid are based on complex calculations that align with astronomical bodies and frequencies.

It was designed to leverage and amplify specific frequencies and was likely used as a form of communication or energy device.

Architectural Significance

The rooms within the pyramid, such as the King’s Chamber, are designed with exact dimensions that amplify sound and frequencies.

Chanting within the chamber produces amplified sounds due to the room’s design, suggesting it was meant to create and harness certain frequencies, possibly for communication or spiritual purposes.

Historical Theories and Myths

Contrary to popular belief, no mummies or hieroglyphs have been found inside the pyramids, indicating they were not primarily used as tombs.

The design and purpose align more with advanced knowledge of geometry, mathematics, and frequencies, which some believe could be linked to ancient advanced civilizations like Atlantis.

Energetic and Frequency Theories

Every mathematical combination and number within the pyramid is associated with a specific feeling and frequency, engaging with the world in particular ways.

The pyramid was possibly used to cultivate and amplify the Earth’s frequencies, serving as a form of ancient technology for harnessing and manipulating energy.


The Pyramid of Giza is a marvel of ancient engineering, built with precise mathematical and geometric knowledge to serve functions beyond mere tombs. Its design amplifies sound and frequencies, pointing to advanced understanding and usage of energy, potentially for communication or spiritual purposes.

Despite common misconceptions, the pyramid’s true purpose remains a subject of fascination and speculation, suggesting links to ancient advanced civilizations like Atlantis.


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