Thoth’s arrival in Khem

Source: Eluña

Thoth and his companions arrived in Khem after the fall of Atlantis. This period marked a time of confusion and fear among the locals, as they were unaccustomed to the advanced energies and wisdom that Thoth and his group brought. The arrival can be seen as a pivotal moment when ancient wisdom was transferred to a new civilization.

While the text does not explicitly mention the construction of the pyramids, Thoth’s role in building and rebuilding the city of Khem suggests his involvement in significant architectural and engineering feats. The pyramids, being one of the most remarkable constructions of ancient Egypt, can be attributed to his influence due to several reasons:

  1. Advanced Knowledge: Thoth was entrusted with profound wisdom, including the keys to the universe, which likely encompassed advanced architectural and engineering principles necessary for building the pyramids.
  2. Alignment with Stars: The narrative mentions that Thoth laid out the city of Khem in alignment with the stars to optimize energetic exchanges. This aligns with the fact that the pyramids are astronomically aligned, suggesting his influence on their design and construction.
  3. Spiritual and Energetic Optimization: Thoth’s goal was to create a city that mirrored the greatness of Atlantis, optimizing energies for spiritual purposes. The pyramids are often considered to have spiritual and energetic significance, aligning with Thoth’s teachings and vision for Khem.

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