Thoth and Ra

Source: Paul Miljus

Incarnation and Influence: Thoth and other advanced ETs incarnated as humans to share advanced technology and knowledge to help evolve human consciousness. However, this knowledge was also used to exert control over others.

Purpose of Oppression: The oppression and control faced by ancient humans were necessary for their spiritual growth. Like an abused person in a relationship, the struggle helped build emotional depth and independence.

Duality and Ascension: The human race needed to experience both light and dark to ascend. The worship of gods was appropriate for their vibrational level at the time and served to connect them with divine energies.

Role of Ra: Ra, another Blue Avian, played a role in amplifying the sun’s light codes to aid in human awakening and consciousness expansion. Ra found the worship directed at him amusing but understood its purpose.

Current Perspective: Thoth is pleased with humanity’s progress and resilience. He believes future lifetimes will involve less forgetting of past lives, allowing for a stronger connection to one’s soul and divine source.

Empowerment: Thoth encourages people to seek knowledge about their past lives and to stay present, nurturing their current selves. He emphasizes that humans are their best teachers and capable of manifesting their desired realities.

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