The Essenes

300 BCE to 200 BCE

The Essenes were an ancient mystical movement originating around 200-300 BCE. The Essenes, influenced by various spiritual traditions from Alexandria, Egypt, and other regions, emphasized ascension practices and spiritual transformation.

They believed in the existence of celestial beings, or Watchers, who guided them in transforming human flesh into celestial forms to ascend to a heavenly city known as Zion or the New Jerusalem.

The Essenes saw themselves in a cosmic battle against the Roman Empire, which they identified as the children of darkness. They aimed to prepare for the arrival of a high celestial being, believed by some to be Jesus, to lead a revolution in human evolution.

The Essenes’ teachings were rediscovered in the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947, revealing their focus on attaining a state of perfect light humans through spiritual practices.

They believed that remembering and transforming into their original divine state would lead to a new era of light and righteousness on Earth.

Despite their destruction by the Romans, their mystical knowledge persisted, influencing various spiritual traditions.


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