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Drunvalo Melchizedek

Birth of a New Humanity

24,000 BCE to 2,018 AD

Background and Setting

  • Location: Sedona, Arizona, chosen for its significance in the story’s conclusion.
  • Perspective: The story is shared from the viewpoint of ancient Egyptian knowledge, contrasted with Mayan insights, although it incorporates global spiritual traditions.

Key Events and Concepts

  1. Ancient Predictions and Changes:
    • Mayan Prophecy: Predicted a physical pole shift on Earth and a transformative shift in human consciousness.
    • Ancient Egyptian Insight: Focuses on a significant shift in human consciousness, detailing an ancient plan spanning back 26,000 years through the precession of the equinoxes.
  2. Atlantis and Its Legacy:
    • High Development: Atlantis reached a high level of consciousness, with some individuals achieving advanced abilities like levitation.
    • Catastrophe: A meteorite impact destabilized Atlantis, leading to its eventual submersion during a pole shift 13,000 years ago.
    • Survivors and Knowledge: Survivors from Atlantis, including high-level beings, spread their knowledge globally, influencing various spiritual groups (e.g., Masons, Ascended Masters).
  3. Global Spiritual Effort:
    • Pyramids and Sacred Sites: A global network of 83,000 sites was created to reconstruct a consciousness grid lost during Atlantis’s fall. This grid was designed through geomancy to alter Earth’s energetic and consciousness fields.
    • Builders: This network was built by various ancient peoples worldwide, with knowledge possibly coming from a single ancient source.
  4. Modern Connections and Discoveries:
    • Scientific and Archaeological Insights: Modern science begins to uncover and sometimes confirm parts of this ancient knowledge, linking archaeological sites through precise geographical and mathematical relationships.
  5. The Role of Key Figures:
    • Chicquetet Arlich Vomolites (Thoth): An ancient king of Atlantis and later a sage in Egypt, pivotal in transferring and preserving this knowledge.
    • Other Ascended Masters: Including Ra and Ararat, who played significant roles in these spiritual and cosmic endeavors.
  6. Recent Events and Cosmic Alignments:
    • Completion of the Grid (2008): The consciousness grid was completed, marking a new era for human spiritual evolution, predicted to fully manifest by 2015.

Pyramid of Egypt

  1. Purpose Beyond a Tomb: Unlike traditional archaeological views that categorize the pyramids primarily as tombs for pharaohs, Drunvalo suggests the Great Pyramid served a deeper, spiritual purpose. It was central to a global network of sacred sites designed to alter planetary consciousness and energy.
  2. Construction by Higher Consciousness: Drunvalo claims that the pyramid was constructed through the consciousness of highly advanced beings, potentially linked to the lost civilization of Atlantis. This method of construction involved supernatural or metaphysical techniques rather than conventional building methods.
  3. Built from Top Down: One of the most striking and mystical assertions about the pyramid’s construction is that it was built from the top down. This is contrary to all known engineering methods and suggests a reversal of time or the application of advanced and unknown technologies.
  4. Rapid Construction: According to Drunvalo, the Great Pyramid was constructed very quickly—in a matter of hours according to some interpretations of his teachings. This rapid construction is attributed to the use of advanced spiritual techniques or technologies not understood by modern science.
  5. Connection with Cosmic Events: The pyramid’s location and construction are said to be cosmically aligned, part of a divine plan that spans the globe and historical epochs. This alignment includes other sites around the world, creating a geometric and energetic web intended to facilitate a shift in human consciousness.
  6. Alignment with Earth’s Energetic Fields: Drunvalo suggests that the placement of the Great Pyramid, and indeed all such structures, is intricately aligned with Earth’s energetic fields, which influence both the physical and spiritual realms of the planet.