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  • Can live thousands of years
  • Life alone
  • High in mountains, where people can’t find them
  • Telepathic
  • Total population has been reduced to a few thousand last survivors scattered around

The Nephilim were on the earth in the earliest days, and also afterward when the Aessir came into the daughters of humans and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men who were of old, the men of renown.

Genesis 6:4

[4] There were giants, Nemhir, in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God Assendence of Aesir came in unto the daughters of men human, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men human which were of old, men human of renown – Methuselah, Lamech, Adam, Seth..



Our people, like yours, were bio-engineered by the Star Elders, but we were born many aeons before you were. Our conceptors added to their alien genetics the DNA of the most evolved and adapted species of that era, a giant lemur, now long extinct, just like they did to create your species much later with the DNA of another evolved large primate that you call Anthropopitecus. This is why our genetics and yours are so closely related that our species can interbreed. This is also why your species and ours are the only two having spliced genes in this home-planet. So we come from the same star seeds, making us relatives, but our earthly ancestors are different. So we are not your ancestors, but your elder brothers.

My people were created as part of a cosmic plan to allow ancient souls of star beings to incarnate on this young planet and help it evolve into an intergalactic outpost of consciousness while discovering its many resources and life forms. We were conceived to possess mighty physical strength and resistance with thick skin and fur to adapt to every possible environment and climate, from snow-capped summits to dense jungles and be protected from mosquito and snake bites. My people also have strong limbs enabling us to break trees, run fast and jump high and far; keen eyesight and clairvoyance to see in the darkness even in the deepest caves of the underworld; huge lungs to swim underwater over long distances and be perfectly autonomous and self-sufficient without need for any external material support.

Some of us still live thousands of years and see your earthly kingdoms come and go, like leaves on trees throughout the seasons, what your first ancestors could achieve when you were sitting with the immortals in the Star Council.

Humans described by Nemhir

But your people were later subdued under the control of the rebellious lower lords, and modified to be more easily submitted. You were bio-engineered to be depending and vulnerable, needing external material support for your basic survival, like clothing, shoes, fire, shelter, tools or weapons that my people don’t need to roam wild and free in every kind of environment. This vulnerability keeps you afraid of blending with the wilderness through spiritual connection and bound to the material support offered by your uncivilization, which keeps you servile and submitted.

You were given a larger frontal cortex and a more rational mind with the gift of articulated speech and languages, as part of a plan to transform this planet into a consciousness outpost meant for surveillance and protection of this galactic sector since there were divisions in the heavens and wars among the stars. But you were conceived with a lower flatter skull and deprived from the higher parts of the brain, seat of the 8th chakra, and of much of the spiritual abilities that your original ancestors had received.

My people are the living proof of the stories of your origins carried in your ancient sacred scrolls and in the ancestral oral traditions of your tribal peoples. Our knowledge is what your people have forgotten about, your true origins, nature, purpose and destiny. This is why the lower powers that have taken over this Earth are trying desperately to deny and cover up our existence, turning it into ridicule for the public to keep ignoring the message we carry, while secretly waging a covert genocide against my people.

It all started in the times when the civilization you know as Atlantis emerged as a new seat of power for the Star Council on Earth, and the continents were divided between factions. Old Lemuria, our Motherland, where my people and much later yours were first conceived and born, had developed into a planetary civilization with a network of colonies and outposts around the world, many of which have left remains that still can be seen today. After ages of Peace and Consciousness, the divisions in the heavens reached our planet, but the Star Council established here could keep it safe and united.

Nevertheless, after some time, a faction of star people based in Atlantis fell into the temptation of power and greed, and went away from the greater Divine Law and Cosmic Order, that they were originally meant to maintain and protect, on our young Earth. After winning battles over our Earth and succeeding in pushing back invading forces, they claimed ownership and dominion over our home-planet, which was not their home, and to which they were sent only to keep watch and protect. Their claim was denied by the Council of Star Elders keeping the Cosmic Order, so this faction of lower principalities rebelled and banded with the invading forces they had been fighting against. They broke the covenant of being just the planetary watchers by manipulating genetics and breeding several experimental races of hybrids and slave species for their own interest and power. This as opposed to the creation of my people and of yours which was approved by the higher Council of Star Elders within a cosmic plan for soul consciousness and planetary evolution, these genetic modifications were done for selfish purposes by the lower principalities against the higher Divine Law and Cosmic Order. Those artificially produced species, including giants, dragons and monsters, were used as slaves and soldiers in wars against the Star Council of Elders, that were still based in Mu. Your most ancient cultures have kept the memories of those wars involving star fleets in their sacred archives and ancestral legends that have survived to this day.

My people and your people took part side by side in those star wars to maintain the Divine Law and reestablish the Cosmic Order of the Star Council on this Mother Earth, our home-planet. My people stood all the time with the Council of Star Elders based in Lemuria, our Motherland. But your people got divided, many falling under the influence of the lower lords, based in Atlantis. Some of them were enslaved in their army and we had to fight them. As time passed, the conquering powers of the lower lords devised new ways to transform again the genetics of your people, turning them more into easily servile creatures with less spiritual consciousness and psychic abilities so as to take over the whole world.”

When the new Atlantean race conquered the world, they exterminated systematically not only all of my people that they could find, but also the largest part of your Lemurian ancestry, except for a few remote tribal populations. As this modified and reprogrammed Humanity invaded all parts of the world, the last survivors of my people, in order to assure our survival, had to keep moving further away from the threat into the most remote wilderness and places where your species can hardly reach, including the network of deep caves in the underworld, with some of your Lemurian ancestors. But even there, we have been hunted down by the powers of the lower lords; nowhere is left safe. Eventually, ages later, they succeeded in destroying the whole continent of Lemuria, mainly through geothermal explosions.

The new uncivilization that ruled your world had been banned from the Star Council, who left our home-planet until a later evolutionary leap. Those same powers serving the lower lords are still keeping this Earth enslaved today, through a combination of means including control of the information, mind programming, staged events and a series of advanced technologies. They want you to forget how they took over the control of your home-planet and destiny through illegitimate means, and have kept your people enslaved, making you more and more depending on new technologies.

But you must be aware that there are also many lies and deceptions put out by the lower lords, who try to be seen as the Star Elders and usurp the title of Earth watchers (or Hakamim), while they have fallen from their duty (to become Nephilim), due to pride, arrogance, greed for power and selfishness. They use this tactic to be perceived as saviors and gods, and carry on their agenda for global control, through a centralized tyranny of their own, that they try to masquerade as the Council of Star Elders.

Bigfoot or Sasquatch

Regarding Bigfoot, the specific mention comes towards the end of the transcript, where Bashar suggests that those branches of early hominids, like Homo erectus, that were not altered by the Anunnaki, continued to evolve naturally on Earth and eventually became what we know today as Sasquatch or Bigfoot. According to Bashar, if the ETs had not intervened and if all hominids had been allowed to evolve naturally, humans today would resemble Sasquatch.

The concept of “slip-walking” is introduced, indicating that Sasquatch has the ability to shift in and out of our dimension, which makes them difficult to find. This ability is presented as a natural evolution, allowing them to avoid Homo sapiens, who they recognize as being altered by extraterrestrials. Bashar posits that Sasquatch views modern humans as too alien compared to their naturally evolved selves.

Moreover, Bashar suggests that Sasquatch, being the naturally evolved hominids of Earth, might hold a different perspective and may not be able to relate to humans due to the extraterrestrial alterations. However, there is an implication that understanding and communication between humans and Sasquatch could be possible in the future as humans come to terms with their origins and nature.

In summary, according to Bashar’s narrative, Bigfoot (Sasquatch) represents the natural evolutionary path of hominids on Earth that was diverged due to extraterrestrial intervention. Sasquatch are described as elusive beings with the ability to phase between dimensions, maintaining their distance from Homo sapiens due to their different evolutionary paths.

Who is Mímir

Mímir is a significant figure in Norse mythology, known for his wisdom and knowledge. He is often depicted as a counselor to the gods, and his backstory is intricately linked with the Aesir and Vanir gods. Mímir’s wisdom is said to be boundless, making him a revered character within the mythology.

Mímir was initially sent as a hostage from the Aesir to the Vanir gods during the Aesir-Vanir War, a conflict between two tribes of gods. However, he was later beheaded by the Vanir, and his head was sent back to the Aesir. Odin, the chief of the Aesir, preserved Mímir’s head with herbs and spells, allowing it to continue providing advice and counsel. This preserved head is one of the most iconic aspects of Mímir’s mythology.

He is also associated with Mímisbrunnr, the well of wisdom, which is located beneath one of the roots of Yggdrasil, the world tree that connects the nine worlds in Norse cosmology. According to the myths, Odin sacrificed one of his eyes at Mímir’s well in exchange for wisdom. This well is sometimes identified with the Well of Urd, another significant well in Norse mythology.

The exact nature of Mímir’s being is unclear; sources vary on whether he was considered an Aesir god or a giant. Regardless, his legacy in the Norse mythological landscape is one of immense wisdom and guidance. His role seems to encompass the preservation and transmission of ancestral tradition and knowledge, crucial for the actions and decisions of the gods.

For more details, you can explore these resources:

  • Mímir’s detailed story and significance in Norse mythology can be found on Britannica​​.
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