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The Tlavatli Race

Initial Settlements and Expansion Patterns

The Tlavatli, also known as the 2nd sub-race, originated from an island off Atlantis’s west coast. This island, marked with the number 2 on the 1st map, served as their starting point. From here, the Tlavatli expanded into Atlantis, primarily traversing the continent’s middle. Over time, their migration showed a distinct northward trend, moving towards the coast opposite Greenland’s promontory.

Physical Characteristics and Habitat Preferences

Physically, the Tlavatli were a robust and resilient race, characterized by a red-brown complexion. Although they were not as tall as the Rmoahals, they displayed considerable physical strength. Their love for mountainous regions was evident, as they predominantly settled in Atlantis’s interior mountains. By comparing Maps 1 and 4, we can deduce that their primary settlements coincided with what later became Poseidonis Island.

Northern Expansion and Cultural Interactions

At the time depicted in the first map, the Tlavatli had also extended to the northern coasts. Simultaneously, a fusion of Tlavatli and Toltec races inhabited the western islands. These islands eventually became part of the American continent. The Tlavatli’s gradual northward movement led them to push the Rmoahals even further north, showcasing their expanding influence across Atlantis.