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New Theory
Archons block souls from escaping the material world. The test is whether people act on their passion/flame or fear.

Archons are prison guards that keep people enslaved to this planet untill they obtained illumination

S1 E4 – 17:00 – Mysteries of the Knights Temple

Archons (from the Greek ἄρχων, árchōn, meaning ‘ruler’, plural ἄρχοντες, árchontes), in Gnosticism and related belief systems, are considered the creators of the physical universe.

The Archontics, Ophites, and Sethians, as well as in the texts of the Nag Hammadi library, archons are depicted as sovereigns associated with each of the seven planets, blocking souls from escaping the material world.

Their name’s political implication suggests a rejection of established governance, viewed as inherently corrupt and incapable of offering true salvation.

In Manichaeism, archons govern a domain within the “Kingdom of Darkness” and collectively form the Prince of Darkness.

In “The Reality of the Rulers,” archons are described as having a hermaphroditic appearance with beast-like faces.

  • Yaldabaoth, called also Saklas who emerged later, Archon of fornication and Samael
    • Saturn.
    • 2nd Heaven. 6th Heaven and 7th Heaven. 8th Heaven. Cast into Tartarus
    • Feminine name: Pronoia (Forethought) Sambathas, “week”.
    • Prophets: Moses, Joshua, Amos, Habakkuk.
    • From Hebrew yalda bahut, “Child of Chaos”? The outermost who created the six others, and therefore the chief ruler and Demiurge par excellence. Called “the Lion-faced”, leontoeides.
    • Yaldabaoth is sometimes used interchangeably with Abraxas, notably in the works of Carl Jung. In The Red Book, Jung wrote:“Abraxas is the god who is both good and evil, light and darkness, life and death. He is the god of the fullness of life, and he is the god of transformation. Yaldabaoth is the same god, but he is also the god of the unconscious mind. He is the god of our shadow selves, and he is the god of our fears and our desires. We must confront and integrate Yaldabaoth in order to achieve wholeness.”
  1. Iao
    • Jupiter.
    • 1st Heaven.
    • Feminine name: Lordship.
    • Prophets: Samuel, Nathan, Jonah, Micah.
    • Perhaps from Yahu, YHWH, but possibly also from the magic cry iao in the Mysteries.
  2. Sabaoth
    • Mars.
    • 6th Heaven. 7th Heaven. Above 7th Heaven. World of poverty – Sabaoth together with his son Christ.
    • Feminine name: Deity.
    • Prophets: Elijah, Joel, Zechariah.
      • Pistis Sophia supported Sabbaoth in his rebellion against his father, so she established the kingdom for Sabbaoth over everyone that he might dwell above the twelve gods of chaos receiving great authority against all the forces of chaos. Hence, his name is derived from Sabbath, which corresponds to the 7th Heaven of rest that he rules indicating either rest from his struggle or as the one who will not rest on his father’s creation but change it. The Old Testament phrase Yahweh sabaoth or ‘Jehovah of Armies’ was thought a proper name, hence Jupiter Sabbas or Sabazios.
  3. Adonaios
    • The Sun.
    • Feminine name: Kingship.
    • Prophets: Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Daniel.
    • From the Hebrew term for “the Lord”, used of God; Adonis of the Syrians representing the Winter sun in the cosmic tragedy of Tammuz. In the Mandaean system Adonaios represents the Sun.
  4. Astaphanos, or Astaphaios
    • Venus.
    • 6th Heaven which is Sophia, a name of the female aspect of the lowest Heaven. 8th Heaven – possibly Ogdoad or Pleroma together with Christ. 4th Heaven. 9th Heaven – Abortion.
    • Feminine name: Sophia.
    • Prophets: Esdras, Zephaniah.
    • Astraphaios is, beyond doubt, the planet Venus, as there are gnostic gems with a female figure and the legend ASTAPHE, whose name is also used in magic spells as the name of a goddess.
  5. Elaios, or Ailoaios, or sometimes Ailoein, or Adonaeus
    • 5th Heaven or 6th Heaven.
    • Mercury.
    • Feminine name: Jealousy.
    • Prophets: Tobias, Haggai.
    • From Elohim, God (El).
  6. Horaios
    • The Moon.
    • Feminine name: Wealth.
    • Prophets: Michaiah, Nahum.
    • From Jaroah? or “light”? or Horus?
  7. Seth
    • 3rd Heaven.
  8. David
    • 4th Heaven.