Edgar Cayce about Mars

“In Venus and Mars we find the artistic temperament, and hence those activities as would have to do with pattern making, or designing of anything made of metal or wood…” (2915-1)

“In the astrological aspects we find these have been as the ruling forces: Mars, as related to material things. Hence there have been in the experience some very disturbing forces in the activities of those associated with the entity in their relationships to madness, anger, satisfying of personal appetites, aggrandizement of interests; and these have been problems for the entity.” (1438-1)

Mars (the deity)

In Roman mythology, Mars is the god of war, often depicted as a figure who embodies military power and vigor. He was one of the most prominent and worshipped gods in ancient Rome. Unlike his Greek counterpart, Ares, who was often portrayed negatively, Mars was also seen as a father of the Roman people (through his sons Romulus and Remus, the legendary founders of Rome) and a guardian of the state.

Mars (the planet)

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second smallest in our solar system, after Mercury. Known for its red appearance, which is due to iron oxide or rust on its surface, Mars has been a subject of human fascination and the target of space exploration for decades. It has a thin atmosphere, consisting mainly of carbon dioxide, and features such as valleys, deserts, and polar ice caps that resemble those on Earth.


  • 6th Heaven. 7th Heaven. Above 7th Heaven. World of poverty – Sabaoth together with his son Christ.
  • Feminine name: Deity.
  • Prophets: ElijahJoelZechariah.
    • Pistis Sophia supported Sabbaoth in his rebellion against his father, so she established the kingdom for Sabbaoth over everyone that he might dwell above the twelve gods of chaos receiving great authority against all the forces of chaos. Hence, his name is derived from Sabbath, which corresponds to the 7th Heaven of rest that he rules indicating either rest from his struggle or as the one who will not rest on his father’s creation but change it. The Old Testament phrase Yahweh sabaoth or ‘Jehovah of Armies’ was thought a proper name, hence Jupiter Sabbas or Sabazios.
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