The Seven Globes

Explanation of the Concept of a Chain Consisting of Seven Globes (A to G)

In Theosophical literature, the concept of chains and globes is central to understanding the evolution of life within a solar system. Here is a detailed explanation of what it means for a chain to consist of seven globes, labeled A to G:

Definition of a Chain

  • Chain: A chain is a series of seven interconnected worlds or globes through which life evolves. Each chain represents one stage in the broader evolutionary process of a scheme.

The Seven Globes (A to G)

  • Globes A to G: Each chain contains seven globes, labeled A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. These globes are not necessarily physical planets as we understand them but are stages or realms through which life progresses. They represent different planes of existence or states of matter.

Arrangement and Function of the Globes

  • Planes of Existence: The globes are distributed across various planes of existence, ranging from the most subtle and spiritual to the most dense and physical. The arrangement typically follows this pattern:
    1. Globe A (Spiritual Plane): The starting point, representing the highest spiritual state.
    2. Globe B (Intuitional Plane): The next step down, where intuition and higher emotional aspects dominate.
    3. Globe C (Higher Mental Plane): Focused on higher mental functions and intellectual development.
    4. Globe D (Lower Mental/Physical Plane): The midpoint, often the most physical and dense of the globes, representing the balance point.
    5. Globe E (Higher Mental Plane): Similar to Globe C, but on the ascending arc of evolution.
    6. Globe F (Intuitional Plane): Similar to Globe B, focusing on intuition but also on the ascending arc.
    7. Globe G (Spiritual Plane): The final globe in the chain, returning to a high spiritual state, completing the cycle.

Globe A

  • Description: The starting point of the evolutionary cycle, situated on the highest spiritual plane. It is where the initial impulse of life begins its journey.
  • Example: In the Earth’s chain, Globe A would be a realm of pure spirit, where the initial spark of life is kindled. This could be akin to a primordial, highly ethereal state of existence.

Globe B

  • Description: Located on the intuitional plane, Globe B is a step down from the pure spirituality of Globe A. It is characterized by higher emotional and intuitive development.
  • Example: This globe might be compared to an angelic realm where beings primarily experience and express profound emotions and intuitive insights, akin to celestial beings in many religious traditions.

Globe C

  • Description: Found on the higher mental plane, Globe C focuses on intellectual development and higher mental functions. It is a realm where thought and intellect dominate.
  • Example: In the Earth’s chain, Globe C is associated with Mars. This could represent a place where life forms develop advanced mental capabilities and philosophical understanding, similar to a society of wise, scholarly beings.

Globe D

  • Description: The midpoint and densest globe in the chain, Globe D is on the lower mental and physical plane. It represents the balance between spirit and matter.
  • Example: Earth itself is Globe D in the current chain. It is where physical evolution occurs, and life is engaged in the struggle between material existence and spiritual growth.

Globe E

  • Description: Similar to Globe C but on the ascending arc, Globe E is again on the higher mental plane. It represents a return to intellectual and mental refinement after the dense experience of Globe D.
  • Example: Associated with Mercury in the Earth’s chain, this globe might be a realm of advanced intellectual societies focusing on scientific and metaphysical exploration.

Globe F

  • Description: Located on the intuitional plane, like Globe B, but on the ascending arc. It is a stage where intuition and higher emotions are further developed.
  • Example: This could be likened to a higher-dimensional realm where beings focus on love, compassion, and intuitive understanding, similar to mystical or esoteric communities in spiritual traditions.

Globe G

  • Description: The final globe in the chain, situated on the spiritual plane. It completes the cycle of evolution, returning to a state of high spirituality and purity.
  • Example: Globe G might be imagined as a celestial paradise where beings exist in a state of pure spiritual enlightenment, akin to the concept of Nirvana or the highest heaven in various religious traditions.

Evolutionary Cycle

  • Descent and Ascent: Life evolves by descending from the more spiritual globes (A, B, C) into the denser physical globe (D) and then ascending back through the higher planes (E, F, G). This descent and ascent represent the soul’s journey through matter and back to a spiritual state, enriched by the experiences gained.

Relationship Between Globes

  • Interconnection: The globes are interrelated, meaning that evolution on one globe influences and supports the evolution on the others. They form a continuous chain of development where each globe prepares life forms for the next stage.

Example in the Earth Chain

  • Earth Chain: In the current Earth chain (the fourth in the series), the third globe (C) is associated with Mars, and the fifth globe (E) with Mercury. The Earth itself represents Globe D, the densest and most physical point in this chain.

Summary of Timelines, Details, and Developments

Origin and Evolution of Man

  • Spiritual Journey: Man, as a spiritual being, originates from God and eventually returns to God. The process involves evolving through various stages: mineral, vegetable, animal, human, and ultimately superhuman.
  • Stages of Evolution: Man’s journey through evolution includes stages in the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms, culminating in the human kingdom where spirit and matter struggle for mastery.

Structure of the Solar System and Evolutionary Schemes

  • Solar System Overview: The Solar System comprises ten evolutionary Schemes, each progressing through seven stages called Chains. Each Chain consists of seven Globes.
  • Recurrent Number Seven: The number seven is significant in the structure of the Solar System, with repeated divisions and cycles based on this number.

Detailed Evolutionary Process

  • Chains and Globes: Each Scheme evolves through seven Chains, with each Chain comprising seven Globes arranged in pairs that move through different planes of existence (spiritual, intuitional, mental, emotional, and physical).
  • Descent and Ascent: The evolution process involves a descent into denser matter and an ascent back to higher planes, with each Chain marking a stage in this journey.

Evolution of Life Streams

  • Life Streams: The divine Life-Streams progress through the elemental, mineral, vegetable, animal, and human kingdoms in successive Chains. Each Chain provides a field for evolving life from its initial stages to human development.
  • Interrelation of Chains: The Life-Streams from each Chain influence the subsequent Chains, with laggards from previous stages catching up in the next Chain.

Specific Chains and Human Evolution

  • Lunar and Terrene Chains: The previous Chain in the Earth Scheme was the lunar Chain (now our Moon), followed by the current terrene Chain (Earth). Other Schemes, such as Venus and Neptune, also progress through their Chains with corresponding physical globes.
  • Venusian and Vulcan Chains: The Venusian Scheme is advanced, nearing the end of its fifth Chain. Vulcan’s exact stage is less certain, but it is speculated to be in its sixth Chain.

Future Paths and Choices

  • Superhuman Evolution: Upon completing human evolution, individuals can choose among seven paths, including Nirvana, membership in the Occult Hierarchy, and service as agents of the LOGOS.
  • Failures and Successes: Not all individuals reach the same level by the end of a Chain. Some may fail and continue evolving in subsequent Chains, while others progress to higher stages and superhuman paths.

Diagram and Understanding

  • Diagrams III and IV: These diagrams illustrate the evolutionary progress of Chains and the interconnectedness of different kingdoms within each Chain. Understanding these diagrams helps in comprehending the complex evolution of life across Chains.


  • Monad and Spirit: The divine emanations, or Monads, evolve through successive Chains, gradually gaining mastery over matter and progressing toward superhuman evolution. Each Monad manifests in the universe, guided by will, wisdom, and activity.


WHENCE comes man and whither goes he t In the fullest answer we can only say : Man, as a spiritual Being, comes forth from God and returns to God; but the Whence and Whither with which we deal here denote a far more modest sweep. It is but a single page of his life-story that is copied out herein, telling of the birth into dense matter of some of the Children of Man — What lies beyond that birthing, 0 still unpenetrated Night? — and following on their growth from world to world to a point in the near future but some few centuries hence — What lies beyond that cloud-flush in the dawning, 0 still unrisen Day?

And yet the title is not wholly wrong, for he who comes from God and goes to God isjijgj; precisely ‘Man’. That Eay of the divine Splendour which comes forth from Divinity at the beginning of a manifestation, that “fragment of Mine own Self, transformed in the world of life into an immortal Spirit,”1 is far more than Man. Man is but one stage of his unfolding, and mineral, vegetable, animal, are but stages of his embryonic life in the womb of nature, ere he is born as Man. Man is the stage in which

Spirit and Matter struggle for the mastery, and when the struggle is over and Spirit has become Lord of Matter, Master of life and death, then Spirit enters on his superhuman evolution, and is no longer Man, but rather Superman.

Here then we deal with him only as Man: with Man in his embryonic stage, in the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms ; with Man in his development in the human kingdom ; with Man and his worlds, the Thinker and his field of evolution.

In order to follow readily the story told in this book, it is necessary for the reader to pause for a few minutes on the general conception of a Solar System, as outlined in Theosophical literature,1 and on the broad principles of the evolution therein carried on. This is not more difficult to follow than the technical terminology of every science, or than other cosmic descriptions, as in astronomy, and a little attention will easily enable the student to master it. In all studies of deep content, there are ever dry preliminaries which have to be mastered. The careless reader finds them dull, skips them, and is, throughout his subsequent reading, in a more or less bewildered and confused condition of mind; he is building his house without a foundation, and must continually be shoring it up. The careful reader faces these difficulties bravely, masters them once for all, and with the knowledge thus gained he goes easily forward, and the details he meets with later fall readily into their

places. Those who prefer the first plan, had better miss the present Chapter, and go on to Chapter II ; the wiser readers will give an hour to mastering what follows.

That great Sage, Plato, one of the world’s masterintellects, whose lofty ideas have dominated European thought, makes the pregnant statement: “God geometrises. ” The more we know of Nature, the more we realise this fact. The leaves of plants are set in a definite order of succession, 1/2, 1/3, 2/5, 3/8, 5713, and so on. The vibrations that make the successive notes of a scale may be correspondently figured in a regular series. Some diseases follow a definite cycle of days, and the 7th, the 14th, the 21st, mark the crises that result in continued physical life or in death. It is useless to multiply instances.

There is, then, nothing surprising in the fact that we find, in the order of our Solar System, the continual recurrence of the number Seven. Because of tins, it has been called a ‘sacred number’; a ‘significant number’ would be a better epithet. The moon’s life divides itself naturally into twice seven days of waxing and an equal number of waning, and its quarters give us our week of seven days. And we find this seven as the root-number of our Solar System, dividing its departments into seven, and these again divided into subsidiary sevens, and these into other sevens, and so on. The religious student will think of the seven Ameshaspentas of the Zoroastriaii, of the seven Spirits before the throne of God of the Christian: the Theosophist of the supreme Triple Logos of the system, with His Ministers ; the

“Rulers of seven Chains” round Him, each ruling His own department of the system as a Viceroy for an Emperor. We are concerned here with but one department in detail. The Solar System contains ten of these, for while rooted in the seven, it develops ten departments, ten being therefore, by Mystics, called the * perfect number’. Mr. A. P. Sinnett has well named these departments ‘ Schemes of Evolution,’ and within each of these Schemes humanities are evolving or will evolve. We will now confine ourselves to our own, though never forgetting that the others exist, and that very highly evolved Intelligences may pass from one to another. In fact, such visitors came to our earth at one stage of its evolution, to guide and help our newly-born humanity.

A Scheme of Evolution passes through seven great evolutionary stages, each of which is called a Chain. This name is derived from the fact that a Chain consists of seven Globes, mutually interrelated ; it is a chain of seven links, each link a globe. The seven Schemes are shown in Diagram I, around the central sun and at any one period of time only one of the rings in each Scheme will be active ; each ring of each of these seven Schemes is composed of seven globes; these are not figured separately but form what we here have drawn as a ring, in order to save space. The globes are shown in the next Diagram.

In Diagram II we have a single Scheme, figured in the seven stages of its evolution, i.e., in its seven successive Chains; it is now shown in relation to five of the seven spheres, or types, of matter existing in the Solar System ; matter of each type is composed of atoms of a definite kind, all the solids, liquids,

gases, and ethers of one type of matter being aggregations of atoms of a single kind;1 this matter is named according to the mood of consciousness to which it responds: physical, emotional, mental, intuitional, spiritual.2 In the first Chain, its seven Worlds, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, are seen arranged:8 A and G, the root-world and the seed-world, are on the spiritual plane, for all descends from the higher to the lower, from the subtle to the dense, and climbs again to the higher, enriched with the gains of the journey, the gains serving as seed for the next Chain; B and F are on the intuitional plane, one gathering and the other assimilating; C and F are on the higher mental, in similar relationship; D, the turning point, the polntf of balance between the ascending and descending arcs, is in the lower part of the mental plane. These pairs of globes in every Chain are ever closely allied, but the one is the rough sketch, the other the finished picture. In the second Chain, the globes have all sunk one stage lower into matter, and D is on the emotional plane. In the third Chain, they have sunk yet one stage further, and D reaches the physical plane.

‘See Occult Chemistry, Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater, pp. 5 — 11.

2Physical matter is the matter with which we are daily dealing in our waking life. Emotional matter is that which is set vibrating by desires and emotions, and is called astral in our older books, a name we retain to some extent. Mental matter is that which similarly answers to thoughts. Intuitional matter (buddhic, in Samskrt) is that which serves as medium for the highest intuition and all-embracing love. Spiritual matter (atmic) is that in which the creative Will is potent.

3The top left-hand globe is A ; the next lower is B ; and so on up to G, the top right-hand globe.

In the fourth Chain, and on the fourth only, the midmost Chain of the seven, the most deeply involved in densest matter, the turning point of the Chains as is D of the globes, there are three of the globes — C, D, and E — on the physical plane. On the return journey, as it were, the ascent resembles the descent: in the fifth Chain, as in the third, there is one physical globe; in the sixth, as in the second, globe D is emotional ; in the seventh, as in the first, globe D \s mental. With the ending of the seventh Chain the Scheme has worked itself out, and its fruitage is harvested.

The seven Schemes of our Solar System may, for convenience sake, be named after the globe D of each, this being the globe best known to us; these are : Vulcan, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune (see Diagram I). In the Scheme to which our Earth belongs, the Chain which preceded our terrene Chain was the third of its series, and its one physical globe, globe D, was the globe which is now our Moon; lifence the third Chain is called the lunar, while the second and first Chains are designated only by numbers; our Earth Chain, or terrene Chain, is the fourth in succession, and has therefore three of its seven globes in physical manifestation, its third globe, C, being what is called the planet Mars, and its fifth globe, E, what is called the planet Mercury. The Neptunian Scheme also, tfith Neptune as its globe D, has three globes of \ts Chain in physical manifestation — C and E being the two physical planets connected with it, the existence of which was mentioned in Theosophical literature before they were recognised by Science — and hence has reached the fourth Chain of its series.

The Venusian Scheme is reaching the end of its fifth Chain, and Venus has consequently lately lost her Moon, the globe D of the preceding Chain.1 It is possible that Vulcan, which Herschel saw, but which, it is said, has now disappeared, is in its sixth Chain, but on that we have no information, either direct or mediate. Jupiter is not yet inhabited, but its moons are, by beings with dense physical bodies. Diagrams III and IV2 represent the relationships between the seven Chains within a Scheme, showing the evolutionary progress from Chain to Chain. Diagram III should be first studied; it is merely a simplification of Diagram IV2, which is a copy of one drawn by a Master; this — though at first sight somewhat bewildering — will be found very illuminative when understood.

Diagram III places the seven Chains in a Scheme as columns standing side by side, in order that the divine Life-Streams, figured by the arrows, may be traced from kingdom to kingdom in their ascent. Each section in a column represents one of the seven kingdoms of nature — three elemental, mineral, vegetable, animal, human.3 Follow Life-Stream 7, the only one which goes through the seven kingdoms within the Scheme; it enters the first Chain at the *It may be remembered that the Moon of Venus was seen by Herschel.

2See frontispiece, Diagram IV.

SThe “elemental” kingdoms are the three stages of life on its descent into matter — involution — and the seven kingdoms might be figured on a descending and ascending arc, like Chains and globes :

1st Elemental Human

2nd Elemental Animal

3rd Elemental Vegetable

first Elemental Kingdom, and there develops during the life-period of the Chain; it passes into the second Elemental Kingdom on the second Chain, and develops therein during its life-period; it appears in the third Elemental Kingdom on the third Chain, and enters the Mineral on the fourth; it then successively develops through the Vegetable and Animal Kingdoms on the fifth and sixth Chains, nnd attains the Human in the seventh. The whole Scheme thus provides a field of evolution for a stream of the divine Life from its ensouling of matter up to man.1 The remaining streams have either commenced in another Scheme and enter this at the point of evolution therein reached, or enter this too late to reach the human kingdom herein.

The study of Diagram IV must be begun by realising that the coloured circles are not seven Chains of globes, as might be expected, but the seven Kingdoms of Nature in each successive Chain, and therefore correspond with the sections of columns in Diagram TIL We have here a whole Scheme of Evolution, with the place of each Kingdom shown in each Chain. The student should select a line of any colour in the first circle and trace it carefully onwards.

Let us take the blue circle at the top lefthand, pointed out by the arrow; it represents the first Elemental Kingdom on the first Chain. Leaving the

irrhese seven Life-Stroaras and the six additional ingresses for the lowest Elemental Kingdom in the remaining six Chains, thirteen in all, are the successive impulses which make up, for this Scheme, what Theosophists call the * second Life-wave,’ i.e., the form-evolving current of Life from the Second LOGOS, the Vishnu of the Hindu, the Son of the Christian, Trinities.

first Chain for the second — the next ring of coloured circles — this blue stream divides on arriving there; its least advanced part, which is not ready to go on into the second Elemental Kingdom, breaks off from the main stream and goes again into the first Elemental Kingdom of this second Chain, joining the new Life-stream — coloured yellow and marked with an arrow which enters on its evolution in that Chain, and being merged in ix ; the main blue stream goes on into the second Elemental Kingdom of this second Chain, receiving into itself some laggards from the second Elemental Kingdom of the first Chain, assimilating them, and carrying them on with itself; it will be noticed that only a blue stream leaves this Kingdom, the foreign elen ents having been completely assimilated. The blue stream flows on into the third Chain, divides, leaves its laggards to continue in the second Elemental Kingdom in the third Chain, while the bulk goes on to form th? third Elemental Kingdom of this third Chain ; again it receives some laggards from the third Elemental Kingdom of the second Chain, assimilates tlem, and carries them on with itself, an undiluted blue stream, into the Mineral Kingdom of the fourth Chain; as before, it leaves some laggards to evolve themselves in the third Elemental Kingdom of the fourth Chain, and receives some from the Mineral Kingdom of the third Chain, assimilating them as before. It has now reached its densest point in evolution, the Mineral Kingdom. Leaving this — we still follow the blue line — it climbs into the Vegetable Kingdom of the fifth Chain, sending off its laggards to the Mineral Kingdom of this Chain, and taking up the laggards of the Vegetable Kingdom of the

fourth Chain. Again it climbs upwards, now into the Animal Kingdom of the sixth Chain, leaving its insufficiently developed vegetables to complete that stage of their evolution in the Vegetable Kingdom of the sixth Chain, and receiving undeveloped animals from the fifth Chain into its own Kingdom. Lastly, it completes its long evolution by entering the Human Kingdom on the seventh Chain, dropping its too undeveloped animals into the Animal Kingdom of the seventh Chain, receiving some human beings from the Human Kingdom of the sixth Chain, carrying them on with itself to its triumphant conclusion, where human evolution is perfected and the superhuman begins, along one or another of the seven paths, indicated in the blue plume at the end. In another Scheme, those we left as laggards in the Animal Kingdom of the seventh Chain will appear in the Human Kingdom of the first Chain of that new Scheme, and therein reach perfection as men. They will be in the circle corresponding to the grey-brown circle with its plume in the first Chain of the present Diagram.

Each line can be followed in this way from Kingdom to Kingdom in successive Chains. The life in the! second, the orange, circle, representing the second Elemental Kingdom in the first Chain — and having therefore, one stage of life in a Chain behind it, or, in other words, having entered the stream of evolution as the first Elemental Kingdom in the seventh Chain of a previous Scheme (see the top left-hand circle with arrow in the seventh Chain in our Diagram) — reaches the Human Kingdom in the sixth Chain and passes on. That in the third circle, purple, with two Kingdoms behind it in a prevous

Scheme, reaches the Human Kingdom in the fifth Chain and passes on. That in the fourth, the Mineral Kingdom, passes out in the fourth Chain. That in the Vegetable Kingdom passes out in the third Chain ; that in the Animal in the second ; that in the Human in the first.

The student who will thoroughly master this diagram will find himself in possession of a plan into the compartments of whch he can pack any numbfer of dfttnils without, in the midst of their complexity, losing sight of the general principles of aeonian evolution.

Two points remain: the sub-elemental and the superhuman. The Life-Stream from the LOGOS ensouls matter first in the first, or lowest, Elemental Kingdom; hence when that same stream from the first Chain enters the second Elemental Kingdom on the second Chain, the matter which is to be that of the first Elemental Kingdom on that second Chain has to be ensouled by a new Life-Stream from the LOGOS, and so on with each of the remaining Chains.1

When the Human Kingdom is traversed, and man stands on the threshold of His superhuman life, a liberated Spirit, seven paths open before Him for His choosing: He may enter into the blissful omniscience and omnipotence of Nirvana, with activities far beyond our knowing, to become, perchance, in some future world an Avatara, or divine Incarnation: this is sometimes called, ‘taking the Dharmakaya vesture’. He may enter on ‘the Spiritual Period’ — a phrase covering unknown meanings,among them probably that of i taking the Sainbhogakaya vesture’. He may become part of that treasure-house of spiritual forces on which the Agents of the LOGOS draw for Their work, * taking the Nirmanakaya vesture’. He may remain a member of the Occult Hierarchy which rules and guards the world in v^hich He has reached perfection. He may pass on to the next Chain, to aid in building up its forms. He may enter the splendid Angel — Deva — Evolution. He may give Himself to the immediate service of the LOGOS, to be used by Him in any part of the Solar System, His Servant and Messenger, who lives but to carry out His will and do His work over the whole of the system which He rules. As a General has his Staff, the members of which carry his messages to any part of the field, so are These the Staff of Him who commands all, “Ministers of His that do His pleasure”.1 This seems to be considered a very hard Path, perhaps the greatest sacrifice open to the Adept, and is therefore regarded as carrying with it great distinction. A member of the General Staff has ao physical body, but makes one for Himself by Kriyashakti — the ‘power to make’ — of the matter of the globe to which He is sent. The Staff contains Beings at very different levels, from that of Arhatship2 upwards. There are some who dedicated themselves to it on reaching Arhatship in the Moon-Chain; others who are Adepts;3 others who have passed far beyond this stage in human evolution. The need for the provision of such a Staff arises

probably, among many other reasons unknown to us, from the fact that in the very early stages of the evolution of a Chain — especially of one on the downward arc — or even of a globe, more help from outside is needed than is required later. On the first Chain of our Scheme, for instance, the attainment of the first of the Great Initiations was the appointed level of achievement, and none of its humanity attained Adeptship, which is itself nowhere near, Buddhahood ; it would therefore be necessary to supply the higher offices from outside. So again later Chains were helped, and our Earth will have to provide high Officials for the earlier Chains of other Schemes, as well as yielding the normal supply for the later globes and Rounds of our own Chain. Already from our own Occult Hierarchy two Members, within our own knowledge, have left our Earth, either to join the General Staff, or lent by the Head of our Hierarchy to the Head of the Hierarchy of some other globe outside our Scheme.

The human beings who, in any Chain, do not reach by a certain time the level appointed for the Humanity of the Chain, are its * failures’; the ‘failure’ may be due to youth and consequent lack of time, or to lack of due exertion, and so on; but, whatever the cause, those who fail to reach a point from which they can progress sufficiently, during the remaining life of a Chain, to attain the required level by its end, drop out of its evolution before that evolution is completed, and are obliged to enter the succeeding Chain at a point determined by the stage already reached, that they may complete their human course. There are others who succeed in passing this crucial point, the ‘Day of Judgment’ for the Chain, but who

yet do not progress with sufficient rapidity to reach the level from which the seven Paths open out. These, though not * failures,’ have not wholly succeeded, and they therefore also pass on into the next Chain and lead its humanity, when that humanity has reached a stage at which the bodies are sufficiently evolved to serve as vehicles for their further progress. We shall find these various classes in our study, and this is but a bird’s-eye view of them; the details will make them come out more clearly. Only in the first Chain we noticed no failures dropping out of its evolution. There were some there who did not succeed, but if that Chain had its Day of Judgment, we failed to observe it.

In a single Chain the evolutionary wave sweeps from A to G, using each globe in turn as the field of growth; this circling round the Chain is appropriately named a Round, and seven times the wave sweeps round, ere the life of the Chain is over, its work complete. Then the results are gathered up and garnered, and all form the seed for the succeeding Chain, save Those who, having finished Their course as men, and become Super-men, elect to serve in other ways than in guiding that coming Chain upon its way, and who enter on another of the seven Paths.

To conclude these preliminaries. In the Monadic Sphere, on the super-spiritual level, dwell the Divine Emanations, the Sons of God, who are to take flesh and become Sons of Man in the coming universe. They ever behold the Face of the Father, and are the Angel-Counterparts of men. This divine Son in his own world is technically called a /Monad,’ a Oneness. He it is that, as said on p. 1, is ” trans- formed in the world of life into an immortal Spirit “. The Spirit is the Monad veiled in matter, triple therefore in his aspects of Will, Wisdom, and Activity, being the very Monad himself, after he has appropriated the atoms of matter of the spiritual, intuitional and mental sphere, round which his future bodies will be formed. In the Monad wells up the intarissable fount of life ; the Spirit, or himself veiled, is his manifestation in a universe. As he gains mastery over matter in the lower sphere, he takes more and more control of the evolutionary work, and all the great choices which decide a man’s destiny are made by his Will, guided by his Wisdom, and achieved by his Activity.

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