12,800 Years Ago

African Flood stories

TraditionLegend/Story DetailsVehicleName of SurvivorsForeseer
ZuluUnkulunkulu: The great god Unkulunkulu warns people of a flood, and they survive by climbing the Drakensberg mountains.MountainsPeopleUnkulunkulu
ZuluNomkhubulwana’s Warning: Nomkhubulwana, goddess of rain, warns the people of an impending flood, and they survive by building rafts.RaftsPeopleNomkhubulwana
YorubaOlokun’s Flood: Olokun sends a flood to punish humanity; Orunmila helps the survivors.Not specifiedHumanityOlokun, Orunmila
KongoNzambi Mpungu: The god Nzambi Mpungu sends a flood to cleanse the earth, and the survivors are those who climb to the highest peaks.High peaksPeopleNzambi Mpungu
BantuThe Chameleon and the Flood: A chameleon warns the people of a coming flood, and they survive by building boats.BoatsPeopleChameleon
EgyptianHapi’s Flood: Hapi, the Nile god, sends a flood to cleanse the land, and the survivors are saved by taking refuge on high ground.High groundPeopleHapi
DogonNommo’s Flood: The Nommo, a water spirit, causes a flood to purify the earth and make it habitable. The survivors are the ancestors of the Dogon people.Not specifiedAncestors of the DogonNommo
MasaiEnkai and the Flood: Enkai, the sky god, floods the earth to punish humans. The Masai survive by climbing to high ground and building rafts.High ground, raftsMasai peopleEnkai
FonMawu-Lisa’s Flood: The twin deities Mawu and Lisa send a flood to cleanse the earth. Survivors are saved by seeking refuge on high ground.High groundPeopleMawu, Lisa
AkanNyankopon’s Flood: Nyankopon, the supreme god, sends a flood to punish humanity. Survivors are saved by climbing the highest trees.High treesPeopleNyankopon
PygmyChameleon Flood: Chameleon hears a strange noise and cuts open a tree trunk, releasing a flood. The first human couple emerges with the water.Tree trunkFirst human coupleChameleon
Kikuyu (Kenya)Spirits’ Flood: A mysterious woman’s ancestors cause a flood with beer.BeerNot specifiedMysterious woman’s ancestors
Southwest TanzaniaShip and Birds: God tells two men to build a ship and take animals. They use a dove and a hawk to check the waters.ShipTwo menGod
Ekoi (Nigeria)Etim ‘Ne’s Flood: Etim ‘Ne causes a flood when one son collects too many stones in one place.StonesEtim ‘Ne and his familyEtim ‘Ne
Efik-Ibibio (Nigeria)Sun, Moon, and Flood: Sun and Moon invite Flood into their house, causing the floodwaters to rise.HouseSun, MoonSun, Moon
Mandingo (Ivory Coast)Ouende’s Flood: The god Ouende sends six months of rain to destroy selfish neighbors.Not specifiedCharitable man’s descendantsOuende
Bakongo (west Zaire)Nzambi’s Flood: An old lady is warned of an impending flood by Nzambi.Not specifiedOld lady and friendsOld lady
Bachokwe? (southern Zaire)Moena Monenga’s Flood: Moena Monenga causes a village to sink, forming Lake Dilolo.Lake DiloloMoena Monenga and othersMoena Monenga
Bena-Lulua (Congo)Water Woman’s Flood: The water woman causes a flood when a man sucks her sores.SoresOne manWater woman
Lower CongoSun and Moon’s Flood: The sun meets the moon and throws mud, causing a flood.Not specifiedNot specifiedSun
Komililo NandiIlet’s Flood: The spirit of lightning causes incessant rain, killing hunters.Not specifiedSome huntersIlet
CameroonGoat’s Warning: A goat warns a girl and her brother of a coming flood.Not specifiedGirl, her brotherGoat
Kwaya (Lake Victoria)Sacred Pot: A pot containing the ocean breaks, causing a flood.PotNot specifiedMan’s daughter-in-law
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