12,800 Years Ago

Oceania Flood Stories

TraditionLegend/Story DetailsVehicleName of SurvivorsForeseer
Valman (northern New Guinea)The wife of a very good man saw a very big fish. Others caught and ate the fish despite warnings. Water burst from the ground and drowned everyone.TreesGood man and familyGood man
Papua New GuineaA flood covered the whole world except for the summit of Mount Tauga. Radaulo, king of snakes, licked the waves and made the water retreat.Mount TaugaPeopleRadaulo
AustralianGrumuduk caused rain to fall wherever he walked, resulting in a flood in the country of his enemies.Not specifiedNot specifiedGrumuduk
Arnhem Land (northern Northern Territory)Yurlunggur, the rainbow serpent, caused a flood with well water rising as high as he stood.Rainbow serpentNot specifiedYurlunggur
Gumaidj (Arnhem Land)Two sisters caused rain to fall for several weeks after crying for their dead sister.Bark raftsWomen on raftsSpirit man
Western AustraliaLong ago, heavy rains caused a river to overflow, flooding the land and creating a wide sea.Not specifiedBlack raceNot specified
VictoriaBunjil, the creator, caused a flood by urinating into the ocean, saving only those he loved.Tall tree on mountainMan and womanBunjil
Southeast AustraliaFrilled lizards performed rain ceremonies to destroy the platypus family, causing a great flood.Not specifiedFrilled lizards on mountainsFrilled lizards
Maori (New Zealand)Two prophets, Para-whenua-mea and Tupu-nui-a-uta, prayed for rain, causing a flood.RaftPeople on raftPara-whenua-mea, Tupu-nui-a-uta
Maori (New Zealand)Tawhaki caused a flood by stamping on the floor of heaven.MountainTawhaki and othersTawhaki
Palau Islands (Micronesia)Gods sent a flood to punish theft, saving only an old woman on a bamboo raft.Bamboo raftOld womanGods
FijiNdengei caused a flood to punish his grandsons, who killed his favorite bird.CanoesNdengei’s grandsonsNdengei
SamoaIn a battle between Fire and Water, the world was overwhelmed by a boundless sea. Tangaloa recreated the world.Not specifiedNot specifiedTangaloa
Mangaia (Cook Islands)The gods of sea and rain caused a flood to determine who was more powerful.High mountainRangi and his peopleSea god, Rain god
TahitiA great flood destroyed Tahiti, but two people and their animals were saved by seeking refuge on Mount Pita-hiti.Mount Pita-hitiHusband and wifeNot specified
HawaiiNu’u and his company were saved in a Great-Canoe given by Kane.Great-CanoeNu’u and companyKane
HawaiiThe flood called kai a Kahinarii left only two humans surviving on Mauna Kea.Mauna KeaTwo humansKahinalii
Netsilik EskimoA flood killed all animals and humans except for two Shaman in a boat.BoatTwo ShamanNot specified
Kamchadale (northeast Siberia)A flood covered the land; survivors were left stranded on mountains after floating on rafts.RaftsFew peopleNot specified
Dyak (Borneo)Trow made a boat from a large wooden mortar and rode out the flood with his wife and animals.BoatTrow and wifeTrow

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