Ignatius Donnelly

The Chaldean Deluge

The Chaldean Deluge story has two versions, both showing remarkable agreement. The shorter, ancient version by Berosus describes how Xisuthros (Khasisatra) was warned by the god Cronos (Ea) of a coming flood and instructed to build a vessel to save his family, friends, and animals.

After the flood, Xisuthros’s vessel lands on a mountain, and he sacrifices to the gods. Xisuthros and his family are then taken to dwell with the gods, while the survivors return to Babylon to disinter sacred writings and rebuild civilization.

The more detailed version, found on cuneiform tablets in Nineveh and deciphered by George Smith, is part of an epic where a hero consults Khasisatra for a cure.

The narrative includes precise instructions from the god Ea on building a large vessel, loading it with provisions and animals, and surviving a cataclysm involving rain, thunder, and earthquakes. The flood destroys all land, leaving corpses floating in the sea.

After the storm, the vessel lands on Mount Nizir. The hero releases birds to find land, and upon finding dry ground, he sacrifices to the gods, who then grant him and his wife immortality.

Key points linking these legends to Atlantis include:

  1. Chronos (Saturn): The god who warned of the flood is linked to a great civilization in the Atlantic, matching Atlantis’s description.
  2. Ea: The fish-god who brought civilization from the ocean, indicating a maritime culture similar to the Atlanteans.
  3. Differences from Biblical Account: The Chaldean legend’s emphasis on a sea-based cataclysm and a navigable ship points to an origin by a maritime people, unlike the inland-focused Biblical flood story.
  4. Cataclysmic Nature: The Chaldean flood involved multiple natural disasters, akin to Plato’s description of Atlantis’s destruction.
  5. Geographical References: Izdhubar’s journey to find Khasisatra involved a significant sea voyage, suggesting a large ocean, possibly the Atlantic.

These stories indicate a sophisticated ancient civilization with advanced knowledge of navigation, disaster response, and preservation of culture, potentially pointing to an Atlantean origin.

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