The Galactic Confederations

The Galactic Federation is an alliance of extraterrestrial civilizations within the Milky Way. This intergalactic council was revealed through a few well known people in their networks.

It was through channeling that Sheldan Nidle, founder of the Ground Crew Project revealed his awareness.

Government officials such as Israel’s former head of space security, Haim Eshed, like former Canadian minister of national defense Paul Hellyer before him, Eshed has declared that a “Galactic Federation” not only exists but has rejected our membership because we just aren’t ready.


  • Boötes Constellation
  • 4.5 -5.5 Feet tall, light blue skin
  • Large heads, almond-shaped eyes


  • Andromeda Constellation
  • 6-10 Feet tall, light blue skin
  • Elongated, slender bodies


  • Star Cluster within Taurus Constellation
  • Primarily humanoid
  • Populated by many different species

Bashar explains extraterrestrial visitation and the diversity of UFOs and their corresponding civilizations.

The conversation shifts to extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth, evidenced by different types of UFOs. Bashar identifies that specific shapes of UFOs correspond to different civilizations: triangular crafts are often associated with their civilization, while typical saucer-shaped crafts are linked to Pleiadian civilizations.

Similarly, large cylindrical or cigar-shaped crafts are described as “mother ships,” housing smaller crafts and numerous beings from different civilizations.

The discussion also touches on technological variations within a single civilization, where both older and newer models of crafts may be in use simultaneously. This sharing of technology is facilitated by an alliance of hundreds of worlds, resulting in occasional sightings of similar crafts used by different civilizations.

Specific civilizations mentioned include the Sasani, Pleiadian, and those from the star system Sirius. Additionally, beings from Arcturus may project energy forms perceived as crafts.

The “Grays” are explained as a more complex case, being altered human species from parallel dimensions rather than traditional extraterrestrials. They use a variety of craft shapes, including saucer-like, egg-shaped, and spherical designs. Different factions of Grays, such as the Zeta Grays from the Zeta Reticuli star system, are noted.

At present, there are 19 civilizations interacting with and observing human civilization, though not all can be named or identified due to potential vibrational changes in human understanding.

Further questions address the humanoid form in the universe. The speaker affirms that humanoid forms are relatively common in certain regions of space due to similar elemental compositions and environmental conditions in star clusters.

The existence of human-like beings on other Earth-like planets is confirmed, with genetic connections to humans on Earth due to historical extraterrestrial genetic interventions.

In summary, the speaker provides a detailed overview of extraterrestrial visitation, the diversity of UFOs and their civilizations, and the prevalence of humanoid forms in the universe, emphasizing the interconnectedness of life across different star systems.

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