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Beings from the star system Sirius often referred to as “Sirians,” are thought to have played a significant role in the development and guidance of ancient Earth civilizations.

  1. Sirius and Ancient Egypt: Ancient Egyptians had connections with beings from Sirius. The Sirius star system is important in ancient Egyptian mythology. The heliacal rising of Sirius, known as the “Dog Star,” marked the flooding of the Nile River, a vital event in the agricultural calendar of ancient Egypt. This event was also associated with the goddess Isis. In esoteric interpretations, this connection is sometimes expanded to indicate direct interaction with extraterrestrial beings from Sirius.
  2. Sirius and Atlantis: Extraterrestrial beings from Sirius are believed to have been involved in the advanced civilization of Atlantis. The exact nature of this involvement varies, but it is often described as either providing advanced knowledge and technology to the Atlanteans or as being an extraterrestrial origin for the Atlantean people themselves.
Idol of the god Baal, from Ugarit, Syria

Six fingers


Sirius symbol


Communication dolphins and whales

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