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Anunnaki are not reptilians

  • The consciousnesses on other planets of the system are non fysical
  • There is no other indigenous life physically in your reality (in your dimension of reality) that would have a physical civilization on any other planet in your system aside from temporary bases put there by other civilisations not native to your system.
  • There is other indigenous life in your solar system but it’s not what we would call a technological civilisations.
  • The Anunnaki are connected to our system in a variety of ways
  • More about Anunnaki can be found in the work of Sitchin
  • The Anunnaki did use some of their DNA to uplift both the saurian and the humanoid lines of evolution on our planet
  • The Saurian line (the reptilian race) comes from our dimensional plane and actually comes from our planet.
  • To some degree part of our soul family and as a physical species they represent the level of reptilian brain that exist still within your human species
  • Saurians have their agenda, but we have nothing to fair from them.
  • We both share some Anunnaki DNA, vibrationally we are like cousins.
  • We both come from the same cradle
  • We both have similar DNA
  • Does it connect with the agenda of the occupation of Iraq -> Yes
  • Connects with the old idea of Orion lifetimes where there was great oppression and suppression and warfare
  • The Anunnaki never occupied or inhabited the earth for any length of time, but they were taken to another world and had a technology in that sense that allowed them to visit our world from time to time, in a sense of coming back to their old homestead. But for their own agenda and their own purposes for now
  • No bloodline relation to the Illuminati
Anunnaki are not reptilians

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