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The Procyonians are a highly evolved humanoid race with a beneficent view of humanity. They are able to travel through time and dimensions and have been trying to protect Earth from harmful alien influences. Some lightworkers believe that the Procyonians have been in contact with the governments on Earth.

In the constellation Canis Major, the Procyonians bear a resemblance to beings claiming to have originated from Venus, engaging with contactees during the 1950s and 1960s. It is alleged that the Procyonians conducted experiments involving the artificial insemination of primitive humanity, thereby playing a direct role in the evolution of human intelligence. Supposedly, their purpose in interbreeding with humans is to harmonize the frequency of our species, aiming to assist humanity in becoming improved versions of themselves. Their concern extends to all life forms, not limited solely to humans, as the entire biosphere stands to benefit if humans realize their positive potential rather than succumbing to self-destruction and harming the biosphere.

The Nordics, also known as ‘blonds,’ are considered benevolent, although they are dismayed by humanity’s frequent inclination towards violence. Their sadness is particularly directed at humanity’s secret alliance with the Rigelians. While the Procyonians offered an alliance to humanity, they were unwilling to share their advanced weapon technology. Consequently, human leaders rejected the offer. The Procyonians are purportedly capable of time travel, traversing dimensions, and teleportation. According to Andrew’s source, the Rigelians were once tall and beautiful Nordics who governed a vast empire and colonized uninhabited planets within the Procyon system. However, a cataclysmic civil war, known as the ‘Great Was,’ transpired on Rigel, leading to the destruction of the Rigelian civilization and transforming the once beautiful Nordics into damaged Greys. After rebuilding their industries, the Greys (formerly Nordics) from Rigel launched an attack on the Procyon colony. The conflict between Rigel and Procyon has reportedly reached an uneasy truce or ceasefire.

It is said that the Procyonians experimented with the artificial insemination of primitive humanity. Therefore, they were directly responsible for the development of human intelligence. Apparently, their motivation to breed with humans is to tune the frequency of our species, in order to help us become better versions of ourselves. Their concern is for all lifeforms, not only exclusively humans. The entire biosphere will benefit if we fulfill our positive potential instead of self-destruction by destroying the biosphere.

Procyonians are active members of the Federation, and are completely human in appearance. If you were to see them walking down the street, you might mistake them for any other human, as they tend to wear jeans and AC/DC-style T-shirts. However, there are some physical characteristics that distinguish them: their skin is a dark coppery color, and their hair is blonde. They also have light eyes and a Nordic appearance. These positive extraterrestrial beings are 5d spiritual beings and come from the binary system Procyon A and Procyon B. This system is located in the constellation Canis Major, at a distance of 11.46 light years from Earth. There are seven planets in this system, but only two of them are inhabited. The Procyonians inhabit one of these planets, called Procyon. The Procyonians have a holographic patriarchal political form, and maintain friendly and positive relations with the Council of Alcyon. It is important to note that, although the words “Procyoneans” and “Proceonians” are used interchangeably, they refer to the same alien species.

However, it is necessary to differentiate the Procyoneans from the inhabitants of Proceon, the third planet of the Taygeta solar system, who are the same as the other Taygeteans, since they belong to the same race and culture. In short, the Procyonians are a fascinating alien species with a full human appearance, but with some distinctive physical characteristics. They are active members of the Federation and maintain friendly and positive relations with other alien species, such as the Council of Alcyon.




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