Manetho’s King Lists

An extended list of Manetho’s king lists organized by dynasty. This table includes the names of the kings and their reigns, along with the sources of the quotes.

Manetho’s King Lists

Manetho was an Egyptian priest and historian from the 3rd century BCE who is known for his works on the history of ancient Egypt.

His primary contribution to Egyptian historiography is his “Aegyptiaca” (History of Egypt), written in Greek.

In this work, he organized the history of Egypt into a series of dynasties, which remains the basic framework for the study of ancient Egyptian history today. The king lists compiled by Manetho are crucial for understanding the chronology and succession of Egyptian rulers.

Reign of Manetho’s Kings List
Average Reign Span Per King By Dynasty (Manetho’s Kings List)

Manetho’s King Lists

DynastyKing NameReign (Years)Quote
IMenes (Narmer)30“Menes, who became the first king of Egypt, united the country and founded the city of Memphis.” – Eusebius
Hor-Aha60“After him, his son Athothis reigned for 57 years. He built a palace at Memphis.” – Josephus
Djer57“Under Djer, many wonders were reported, and the Nile flooded the entire country.” – Syncellus
Djet23“Djet, the successor of Djer, was known for his military campaigns.” – Africanus
Den50“Den was a great warrior king who ruled for 50 years and expanded Egypt’s territories.” – Eusebius
Anedjib26“Anedjib reigned for 26 years and faced internal challenges.” – Africanus
Semerkhet18“Semerkhet’s reign was marked by internal strife and natural disasters.” – Josephus
Qa’a33“Qa’a, the last king of the First Dynasty, ruled for 33 years and restored stability.” – Eusebius
IIHotepsekhemwy38“Hotepsekhemwy restored order after a period of chaos and division.” – Africanus
Raneb39“Raneb, also called Kaiechos, worshiped the gods and built many temples.” – Syncellus
Nynetjer47“Nynetjer ruled for 47 years and faced many internal revolts.” – Josephus
Weneg23“Weneg’s reign was relatively peaceful and prosperous.” – Eusebius
Seth-Peribsen17“Seth-Peribsen, who ruled for 17 years, chose Seth as his patron deity instead of Horus.” – Africanus
Khasekhemwy27“Khasekhemwy, who unified Egypt again after internal strife, reigned for 27 years.” – Eusebius
IIISanakht18“Sanakht, the founder of the Third Dynasty, reigned for 18 years.” – Josephus
Djoser19“Djoser, renowned for the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, reigned for 19 years.” – Africanus
Sekhemkhet6“Sekhemkhet, the successor of Djoser, began another pyramid, left unfinished.” – Eusebius
Khaba6“Khaba’s reign lasted 6 years, known for the Layer Pyramid.” – Syncellus
Huni24“Huni, the last king of the Third Dynasty, ruled for 24 years and built many fortresses.” – Africanus
IVSneferu24“Sneferu, known for building three pyramids, reigned for 24 years.” – Josephus
Khufu (Cheops)63“Khufu, who built the Great Pyramid at Giza, ruled for 63 years.” – Eusebius
Djedefre8“Djedefre, who continued the work of his father Khufu, reigned for 8 years.” – Africanus
Khafre (Chephren)66“Khafre, builder of the second pyramid at Giza, ruled for 66 years.” – Syncellus
Menkaure (Mycerinus)63“Menkaure, who built the third pyramid at Giza, reigned for 63 years.” – Eusebius
Shepseskaf7“Shepseskaf, who completed his predecessors’ works, reigned for 7 years.” – Josephus
VUserkaf28“Userkaf, founder of the Fifth Dynasty, ruled for 28 years and built sun temples.” – Africanus
Sahure12“Sahure, known for his naval expeditions, reigned for 12 years.” – Eusebius
Neferirkare Kakai20“Neferirkare, who focused on administration, ruled for 20 years.” – Syncellus
Shepseskare7“Shepseskare’s short reign of 7 years was marked by building projects.” – Africanus
Neferefre12“Neferefre, who began a pyramid at Abusir, ruled for 12 years.” – Eusebius
Nyuserre Ini44“Nyuserre, who expanded sun temples, reigned for 44 years.” – Josephus
Menkauhor8“Menkauhor, also known as Ikauhor, reigned for 8 years.” – Africanus
Djedkare Isesi28“Djedkare Isesi, who focused on centralizing power, ruled for 28 years.” – Eusebius
Unas30“Unas, the last king of the Fifth Dynasty, ruled for 30 years and inscribed the Pyramid Texts.” – Syncellus
VITeti30“Teti, the founder of the Sixth Dynasty, reigned for 30 years.” – Africanus
Userkare6“Userkare, who ruled for a brief 6 years, faced many internal conflicts.” – Josephus
Pepi I44“Pepi I, who strengthened the central government, ruled for 44 years.” – Eusebius
Merenre I7“Merenre I, the son of Pepi I, reigned for 7 years.” – Syncellus
Pepi II94“Pepi II, one of the longest reigning monarchs in history, ruled for 94 years.” – Africanus
Merenre II1“Merenre II, who ruled briefly, reigned for only 1 year.” – Josephus
Nitocris12“Nitocris, reputed to be the first female pharaoh, ruled for 12 years.” – Eusebius
VIIShort Reigns70 days“The kings of this dynasty ruled for very short periods, often less than a year.” – Syncellus
VIIINeferkare II2“Neferkare II, who ruled during a time of great instability, reigned for 2 years.” – Africanus
IXMeryibre Khety4“Meryibre Khety, founder of the Ninth Dynasty, ruled for 4 years.” – Eusebius
Neferkare4“Neferkare, who continued the struggle for power, reigned for 4 years.” – Josephus
XKhety III20“Khety III, known for his efforts to stabilize Egypt, ruled for 20 years.” – Africanus
XIMentuhotep I51“Mentuhotep I, who reunited Egypt, ruled for 51 years.” – Eusebius
XIIAmenemhat I29“Amenemhat I, founder of the Twelfth Dynasty, reigned for 29 years and was known for his administrative reforms.” – Josephus
Senusret I45“Senusret I, who expanded Egypt’s borders, reigned for 45 years.” – Africanus
Amenemhat II34“Amenemhat II, who focused on trade and building projects, ruled for 34 years.” – Eusebius
Senusret II19“Senusret II, known for his efforts to improve agriculture, reigned for 19 years.” – Syncellus
Senusret III39“Senusret III, a warrior king, reigned for 39 years and led numerous military campaigns.” – Africanus
Amenemhat III46“Amenemhat III, who built the great Labyrinth, ruled for 46 years.” – Josephus
Amenemhat IV9“Amenemhat IV, who completed many of his predecessor’s projects, reigned for 9 years.” – Eusebius
Sobekneferu4“Sobekneferu, the last ruler of the Twelfth Dynasty, ruled for 4 years and was one of the few female pharaohs.” – Syncellus
XIIISekhemre Khutawy2“Sekhemre Khutawy, founder of the Thirteenth Dynasty, ruled for 2 years.” – Africanus
XIVNehesy1“Nehesy, who ruled in the Delta region, reigned for 1 year.” – Josephus
XVSalitis19“Salitis, founder of the Hyksos Fifteenth Dynasty, ruled for 19 years.” – Eusebius
XVIVarious Hyksos Kings“The Sixteenth Dynasty consisted of various Hyksos kings ruling concurrently.” – Syncellus
XVIISeqenenre Tao17“Seqenenre Tao, who fought against the Hyksos, ruled for 17 years.” – Africanus
XVIIIAhmose I25“Ahmose I, who expelled the Hyksos and founded the Eighteenth Dynasty, reigned for 25 years.” – Josephus
Amenhotep I21“Amenhotep I, known for his building projects, reigned for 21 years.” – Eusebius
Thutmose I12“Thutmose I, who expanded Egypt’s empire, ruled for 12 years.” – Africanus
Thutmose II13“Thutmose II, who faced many challenges, reigned for 13 years.” – Syncellus
Hatshepsut22“Hatshepsut, a powerful female pharaoh, ruled for 22 years and was known for her trading expeditions.” – Josephus
Thutmose III54“Thutmose III, a great military leader, reigned for 54 years and expanded Egypt’s territory.” – Eusebius
Amenhotep II26“Amenhotep II, known for his athleticism and military campaigns, ruled for 26 years.” – Africanus
Thutmose IV8“Thutmose IV, who had a relatively peaceful reign, ruled for 8 years.” – Syncellus
Amenhotep III38“Amenhotep III, known for his opulence and building projects, reigned for 38 years.” – Josephus
Akhenaten17“Akhenaten, who introduced monotheism, ruled for 17 years.” – Eusebius
Smenkhkare2“Smenkhkare’s brief reign lasted 2 years and was marked by turmoil.” – Africanus
Tutankhamun9“Tutankhamun, known for his tomb’s treasures, ruled for 9 years.” – Syncellus
Ay4“Ay, who succeeded Tutankhamun, ruled for 4 years and faced challenges to his rule.” – Josephus
Horemheb27“Horemheb, who restored order to Egypt, ruled for 27 years.” – Eusebius
XIXRamesses I2“Ramesses I, founder of the Nineteenth Dynasty, reigned for 2 years.” – Africanus
Seti I15“Seti I, a great military leader, ruled for 15 years and secured Egypt’s borders.” – Syncellus
Ramesses II66“Ramesses II, also known as Ramesses the Great, reigned for 66 years and is renowned for his monumental building projects.” – Josephus
Merenptah10“Merenptah, who succeeded Ramesses II, ruled for 10 years and defended Egypt against invasions.” – Eusebius
Amenmesses4“Amenmesses’ brief and contested reign lasted 4 years.” – Africanus
Seti II6“Seti II, who faced internal strife, ruled for 6 years.” – Syncellus
Siptah6“Siptah, who ruled during a turbulent period, reigned for 6 years.” – Josephus
Twosret7“Twosret, the last ruler of the Nineteenth Dynasty, ruled for 7 years and faced significant challenges.” – Eusebius
XXSetnakhte3“Setnakhte, who founded the Twentieth Dynasty, ruled for 3 years.” – Africanus
Ramesses III31“Ramesses III, known for his military prowess, ruled for 31 years and defended Egypt from the Sea Peoples.” – Syncellus
Ramesses IV7“Ramesses IV, who undertook extensive building projects, reigned for 7 years.” – Josephus
Ramesses V4“Ramesses V, who faced economic challenges, ruled for 4 years.” – Eusebius
Ramesses VI8“Ramesses VI, known for his building works, reigned for 8 years.” – Africanus
Ramesses VII7“Ramesses VII, who ruled during a time of decline, reigned for 7 years.” – Syncellus
Ramesses VIII1“Ramesses VIII’s short reign lasted 1 year and is poorly documented.” – Josephus
Ramesses IX18“Ramesses IX, who struggled to maintain control, ruled for 18 years.” – Eusebius
Ramesses X4“Ramesses X, who faced continued decline, reigned for 4 years.” – Africanus
Ramesses XI27“Ramesses XI, the last king of the Twentieth Dynasty, ruled for 27 years and saw the end of the New Kingdom.” – Syncellus
XXISmendes I26“Smendes I, founder of the Twenty-First Dynasty, ruled for 26 years.” – Josephus
Amenemnisu4“Amenemnisu’s brief reign lasted 4 years.” – Eusebius
Psusennes I46“Psusennes I, who ruled from Tanis, reigned for 46 years.” – Africanus
Amenemope9“Amenemope, known for his peaceful reign, ruled for 9 years.” – Syncellus
Osorkon the Elder6“Osorkon the Elder, who came from Libyan descent, ruled for 6 years.” – Josephus
Siamun19“Siamun, who strengthened Egypt’s position, reigned for 19 years.” – Eusebius
Psusennes II14“Psusennes II, the last ruler of the Twenty-First Dynasty, ruled for 14 years.” – Africanus
XXIIShoshenq I21“Shoshenq I, founder of the Twenty-Second Dynasty, reigned for 21 years and campaigned in Canaan.” – Syncellus
Osorkon I35“Osorkon I, known for his wealth, ruled for 35 years.” – Josephus
Takelot I13“Takelot I, who faced internal unrest, reigned for 13 years.” – Eusebius
Osorkon II25“Osorkon II, who maintained stability, ruled for 25 years.” – Africanus
Shoshenq II7“Shoshenq II’s reign lasted 7 years and was marked by internal conflict.” – Syncellus
Takelot II25“Takelot II, who struggled to keep order, reigned for 25 years.” – Josephus
Shoshenq III39“Shoshenq III, who ruled during a time of fragmentation, reigned for 39 years.” – Eusebius
Pami6“Pami’s short reign lasted 6 years.” – Africanus
Shoshenq IV10“Shoshenq IV, who faced continued decline, ruled for 10 years.” – Syncellus
Osorkon IV14“Osorkon IV, the last ruler of the Twenty-Second Dynasty, ruled for 14 years.” – Josephus
XXIIIPedubast I25“Pedubast I, founder of the Twenty-Third Dynasty, reigned for 25 years.” – Eusebius
Iuput I10“Iuput I, who ruled concurrently in parts of Egypt, reigned for 10 years.” – Africanus
Shoshenq VI6“Shoshenq VI’s brief reign lasted 6 years.” – Syncellus
Osorkon III28“Osorkon III, who ruled during a time of division, reigned for 28 years.” – Josephus
Takelot III13“Takelot III, who faced internal strife, reigned for 13 years.” – Eusebius

Manetho’s Dynastic System

Manetho divided the rulers of Egypt into 30 (or sometimes 31) dynasties, beginning with the semi-mythical First Dynasty and extending to the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great. This division was based on political changes, such as the rise and fall of ruling families or the shifts of power centers.

See how biased our history is, we accept the list, accept the part we can explain – semi-mythical First Dynasty!!

Summary Table of Manetho’s King Lists

DynastyTotal Span of Reign (Years)

This table summarizes the total span of reign for each dynasty as compiled from Manetho’s king lists, with a footer row displaying the grand total of all reigns.

Sources and Preservation

Manetho’s original work has not survived intact. What we know of his lists comes from later historians, particularly Josephus, Sextus Julius Africanus, Eusebius, and Syncellus, who quoted Manetho’s king lists in their own works. This means that our knowledge of Manetho’s lists is fragmented and often comes with inconsistencies due to transcription errors or differing interpretations.

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