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Dynasties of Kish

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After the flood had swept over, and the kingship had descended from heaven, the kingship was in Kish.

First dynasty of Kish

Here is the updated table with the corrected information for Zuqaqip:

RulerYears ReignedAdditional Information
Jushur1200 years
Kullassina-bel960 yearsName is Akkadian for “Lord of all women”.
Nangishlishma670 years
En-tarah-ana420 years
Babum300 years
Puannum840 years
Kalibum960 years
Kalumum840 years
Zuqaqip900 yearsName is Akkadian for “scorpion”.
Atab (Mab)600 years
Mashda840 years
Arwium720 years
Etana1500 yearsLegendary hero, known for flying to heaven on an eagle to obtain the plant of birth.
Balih400 years
En-me-nuna660 years
Melem-Kish900 years
Barsal-nuna1200 years
Zamug140 years
Tizqar305 years
Ilku900 years
Iltasadum1200 years
En-me-barage-si900 yearsFirst ruler confirmed by contemporary inscriptions, defeated by Gilgamesh of Uruk.
Aga of Kish625 yearsLast king of the 1st Dynasty of Kish, also mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh.
Total17980 years

2nd Dynasty of Kish

RulerYears ReignedAdditional Information
Susuda (also called Uhub)201 years
Dadasig81 years
Mamagal (also called Mamagalla)360 years
Kalbum195 years
Tuge360 years
Men-nuna (also called Menumna)180 years
Iltasadum1200 years
En-men-barage-si900 yearsConfirmed by contemporary inscriptions, defeated by Gilgamesh of Uruk.
Aga of Kish625 yearsLast king of the 1st Dynasty of Kish, mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh.
Total4402 years

3rd Dynasty of Kish

Here’s the table for the Third Dynasty of Kish according to the Sumerian King List:

RulerYears ReignedAdditional Information
Kug-Bau (Kubaba)100 yearsOnly woman on the Sumerian King List, known as a tavern-keeper who became queen.
Total100 years

The Third Dynasty of Kish is notable for having only one ruler, Kug-Bau (also known as Kubaba), who is a unique figure in Sumerian history as the only woman to rule as a monarch.

4th Dynasty of Kish

RulerYears ReignedAdditional Information
Puzur-Suen25 years
Ur-Zababa400 yearsContemporary of Sargon of Akkad; mentioned in legends.
Zimudar30 years
UsI7 years
Eshtarmuti11 years
Ishme-Shamash11 years
Shu-Ilishu15 years
Nanniya7 years
Total506 years


Etana is a legendary figure in Sumerian mythology and is best known for his adventure where he flies to heaven on the back of an eagle. According to the myth, Etana, the 13th king of Kish, was chosen by the gods to bring stability to his city.

Desiring an heir to his throne, he sought the “plant of birth” to cure his wife’s barrenness.

The eagle, which he rescued from a pit, agreed to help him. Together, they flew up to the heavens to ask the goddess Ishtar for the plant. The myth highlights themes of divine favor, heroism, and the quest for immortality.

Etana’s reign marks an important cultural legend, linking the human and divine realms.

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