Dome shaped Colony

Location and General Structure

Underground Colony:

Lacerta lives in an underground colony located east of a specific point, at a depth of approximately 4300 meters below the surface. This colony is part of a larger network of subterranean cities.

Dome-shaped Space:

The main living space is a large dome-shaped structure created approximately 3,000 years ago. The dome covers an oval-shaped area with a diameter of about 2.5 kilometers and a height of 220 meters at its highest point.

    Central Pillar and Supporting Structures

    Main Pillar:

    In the center of the dome is a large cylindrical building that serves as the main pillar. This structure is crucial for supporting the dome and ensuring its stability. It also has religious significance and is decorated with various symbols.

    The main pillar houses climate control systems and artificial light sources that mimic sunlight, providing necessary ultraviolet rays and heat.

    Artificial Light Sources:

    There are five powerful artificial light sources in the colony, which generate ultraviolet rays and heat using principles similar to gravitational forces. These lights are essential for the health and well-being of the inhabitants.

      Buildings and Layout

      Residential and Public Buildings:

      The colony has numerous buildings, most of which are dome-shaped and range in height from 3 to 20 meters. These buildings are arranged in concentric circles around the main pillar.

      To the north of the main pillar is a particularly large, flat dome that serves multiple purposes, including as a medical and conference center.

      Special Facilities:

      The colony includes areas for agricultural activities, such as gardens and mushroom fields, which provide a significant portion of their food supply.

      There are facilities for raising animals, as Lacerta’s species consumes meat as part of their diet.

      Climate and Air Systems:

      Advanced air circulation systems ensure a stable and comfortable climate within the colony. These systems draw air from the surface and maintain optimal conditions for the inhabitants.

        Transportation and Access

        Elevators and Tunnels:

        The colony has multiple elevators that connect different levels and lead to the surface. One elevator leads to a cabin near the surface, while another connects to a docking area for their cylindrical spacecraft, which are hidden behind a rocky mountain.

        There are also tunnels that connect the colony to a larger main colony located 500 kilometers to the southeast.

        Living Quarters and Daily Life

        Personal and Family Areas:

        Lacerta and her “family” group, which is a social unit rather than strictly genetic, live in the fourth circle from the central main pillar. Their living quarters are designed to provide comfort and functionality, tailored to their unique physical and social needs.

        The daily life in the colony includes activities related to their advanced technology, social interactions, and maintenance of their environment.

        General Locations

        Eastern Region:

        Lacerta mentions that her specific colony is located east of a certain point. This suggests it might be somewhere in Europe or Asia, but she does not give precise geographic coordinates.

        Central Asia:

        Lacerta notes that there is a significant main colony located in Central Asia, which spans a large area and features multiple supporting pillars and advanced facilities.

        Polar Regions:

        She indicates that some major cities of her species are located near the North and South Poles. These areas provide natural cover and isolation, making them ideal for secretive activities.

        North America and Australia:

        Lacerta mentions that there are important underground bases in North America and Australia, often located in remote or less populated regions.

        Entrance Characteristics

        Remote Areas:

        Entrances to their world are typically found in remote, secluded areas away from human populations. These areas might include dense forests, mountains, and other inaccessible regions.

        Near Water Bodies:

        Lacerta describes one of her exits being near a large lake, suggesting that some entrances could be near bodies of water, providing additional camouflage and isolation.

        Natural Caves and Tunnels:

        Some entrances are hidden within natural cave systems and tunnels that extend deep underground. These natural formations are often modified and expanded to serve as access points.

        Artificial Structures:

        There are descriptions of entrances being disguised as mundane structures like cabins or sheds, which are actually covers for sophisticated elevator systems leading deep underground.

        Signs and Warnings

        Unusual Features:

        Lacerta advises that certain unusual features, such as extremely smooth walls, strange heat emissions, or metallic doors within caves, might indicate proximity to an entrance.


        The presence of specific symbols, particularly a blue snake with four white wings on a black background or a circle with a dragon and seven white stars, might mark areas controlled by her species.

        Guarded Areas:

        Areas that are heavily guarded or restricted, possibly even by human military forces collaborating with or aware of reptilian activities, might also hint at hidden entrances.

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