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Angelic Hierarchy

Explaining archangels

Mathias discusses the origin and function of archangels from a spiritual and metaphysical perspective, explaining that archangels are not actual beings but rather manifestations of God’s attributes or aspects.

He stresses that while traditionally depicted as angelic figures with wings, archangels are more accurately understood as powerful messages or messengers, embodying different aspects of divine power.

He explains that the names of archangels, such as Michael (protector of God), Raphael (medicine of God), and Uriel (light of God), reflect their roles as different expressions of God’s will. These archangels symbolize various attributes of God, helping to manifest His essence in various forms.

Mathias also delves into a more complex discussion of metaphysical dimensions and the role of beings within these dimensions, including discussions around concepts like creation, the interaction of light and darkness, and the roles of beings traditionally viewed as negative, such as Satan.

He describes these as essential parts of a broader, dynamic process that involves destruction and creation, division and unity, all serving the function of expressing and experiencing divinity in multiple forms.

Archangels are not people with wings

Mathias de Stefano

Description Of The “Angelic Hierarchy”

In the religious beliefs of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, as well as in most other world religions, celestials play a significant role. Their scriptures include numerous references to angelic interventions.

Families or clans include angels, similar to humans. They have many names, and according to several angel historians, the most familiar ones fall into three categories or spheres. These spheres start from those closest to God at the top and move down to those connected with the physical world.

The term ‘angel’ serves a dual purpose. It refers generally to all heavenly beings and specifically to members of the third sphere, the ones closest to the physical. Similarly, people often use ‘archangel’ as a generic term for all high orders of heavenly beings, even though they represent just one of the higher orders.

Abigrael explains that four orders within the heavenly hosts currently demand our attention: angels, archangels, principalities, and thrones.

Visualizing the orders in a great circle, where the “highest” and “lowest” join hands, offers a more accurate representation than a hierarchy. For instance, seraphim, seemingly closest to the Creator, also serve the God in humans.

The New Testament groups celestial beings into seven ranks: angels, archangels, principalities, powers, virtues, dominions, and thrones. The Old Testament adds cherubim and seraphim to these, making nine choirs of angels in later Christian theology, although seven is the usual number. The four angels mentioned in the Old Testament and the Apocrypha receive the most attention and veneration.

The Spiritual Hierarchy

The nine orders of angelic beings, with the first being the highest order, are:

The First Sphere — Angels serving as heavenly counselors:


The Second Sphere — Angels working as heavenly governors:


The Third Sphere — Angels functioning as heavenly messengers:


Descriptions of each angelic order highlight their unique roles and attributes, from the seraphim who surround God’s throne and regulate the heavens, to the archangels managing broader human endeavors, and the regular angels involved in human affairs.

Description Of The “Celestial Top Ten” Angels Best Known To Us

Notable angels include Michael, the protector of the Christian Church and commander-in-chief of God’s angel armies, and Gabriel, known as a frequent visitor from the higher realms and a messenger of significant revelations. Raphael, often depicted in Western art, plays a critical role in healing, while Uriel, associated with natural disasters, is recognized as a figure of salvation.

Other significant celestial figures include Metatron, a high-ranking angel often associated with Enoch, Moroni, an angel central to the beliefs of the Latter-day Saints, and Melchizedek, a sage with a profound impact on religious thought. Ariel, Israfel, Raziel, and Sandalphon also hold important positions in various religious and mystical traditions.

Angels And Nature Spirits

Engaging with angels often leads to encounters with nature spirits, a distinct angelic order. These spirits, known by various names across cultures, oversee all living things and play a crucial role in the natural world. The human body itself has nature spirits, coordinating vast amounts of physiological information.

Description Of “God And Guardianship”

This perspective involves understanding the dual nature of Earth’s creation, both spiritual and physical. The Spiritual Hierarchy, comprising angels, archangels, and ascended masters, mediates evolutionary energies across dimensions, influencing the physical universe.

This creation process, guided by the Supreme Creative Force (God) and managed by Time Lords and the Spiritual Hierarchy, demonstrates a continuous and evolutionary nature. The Time Lords, tasked with overseeing physical creation, work alongside the Spiritual Hierarchy to regulate energy transfers across dimensions.

Guardianship extends through the eight dimensions of creation, with the Spiritual Hierarchy enveloping the physical universe. Humans, as beings of light and spirit, serve as responsible stewards of life on Earth.

Somatic Research – The Three Forms Of The Human Body

Humans manifest in three forms: the physical body, the etheric body, and the purely spiritual body. Each form has unique characteristics and plays a specific role in the human experience.

Physical Body

Gross or Physical Body: Present Earth humans possess a physical body that ages and ultimately perishes after several decades. This form includes seven chakras, symbolizing different energy centers.

Etheric Body

Future Galactic Earth humans will embody a semi-etheric form, resembling the current physical body but possessing characteristics of an etheric nature. This form includes thirteen chakras, indicating an expanded energy system.

Purely Spiritual Body

This form, often referred to as the soul body, connects deeply with the spiritual realm. The lower three chakras contain part of the soul force, linked through the “silver cord” at the solar plexus. This cord represents the unique vibratory pattern of each soul, connecting the physical and spiritual aspects of being.

GOD (Supreme Creative Force): The creation starts with the Supreme Creative Force, extending through various dimensions and hierarchies.

Time Lords with the Creative “Pulse of Time”: The Time Lords, equipped with the creative pulse of time, oversee the physical aspects of creation, shaping the universe according to divine plans.

Lords of Spiritual Creation (Archangels): These beings guide the spiritual aspect of creation, mediating between the Supreme Creative Force and the physical world.

Time Lords of Physical Creation: Their role involves the meticulous crafting of the physical universe, implementing the divine plan.

Line Of Creation: This concept represents a continuum of creation, extending through numerous dimensions, each with its unique hierarchy of angels and archangels.

Spiritual and Physical Realms: These dimensions range from the 8th, where light becomes spirit, to the 3rd, where physical reality is most pronounced. The Earth, with its unique guardianship role, sits within this spectrum.

Cetaceans and Humans: Both species play critical roles as guardians of the Earth, tasked with maintaining the balance and flourishing of life.

Interdimensional Energy Transfer and Guardianship Roles

The Spiritual Hierarchy facilitates the transfer of evolutionary energies through interdimensional portals, such as the photon-belt. These energies then integrate into the 3rd-dimensional stellar energy patterns, forming the physical universe, including the solar system and Earth.

The Time Lords and Spiritual Hierarchies collaborate in maintaining the viability of physical creation. They oversee the energy exchanges between dimensions, ensuring the continuous evolution and sustenance of the cosmos.

Human Role as Physical and Spiritual Guardians

Humans, especially those with full consciousness, are seen as physical guardians. They embody a dual nature, being both physical and spiritual. This unique composition allows them to act as intermediaries in the energy exchange process, bridging the gap between the spiritual and physical realms.

Galactic humans, as beings of light and spirit, are not just responsible for overseeing physical life but also for nurturing and developing it. They possess a consciousness that extends beyond basic physical needs, enabling them to steward life on Earth and in the cosmos.

The Sirian Connection

The Sirians, along with other members of the Galactic Federation, aim to assist Earth in flourishing life. They emphasize the importance of guardianship, advocating for responsible stewardship rather than destructive actions. Their presence on Earth is meant to implement the Spiritual Hierarchies’ instructions, ensuring the planet’s abundance and well-being.

Guardianship Across Dimensions

Guardianship permeates through the eight dimensions of creation, from the highest spiritual realms down to the physical Earth. This system of guardianship involves various celestial beings, including angels and archangels, who distribute the love and light energy of creation throughout the universe.

The Time Lords, with their control over physical creation, and the Spiritual Hierarchies, with their command over spiritual energy exchanges, work in unison. This collaboration ensures the smooth functioning and evolution of the physical universe.


Muriel –



Same’el – 7th dimension.

Lucifer – The most beautiful that takes the light

Mussulman traditions

According to the most authoritative Mussulman traditions, Adam was created on Friday afternoon at the Assr-hour, or about three o’clock. The four archangels—Gabriel, Michael, Israfiel, and Asrael—were required to bring earth from the four quarters of the world, that therefrom God might fashion man. His head and breast were made of clay from Mecca and Medina, from the spot where later were the Holy Kaaba and the tomb of Mohammed. link