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Who is Enlil?

Enki Ninmah

  • Enlil was often depicted as a bearded man wearing a horned headdress or crown, and was sometimes portrayed holding a staff or scepter.
  • Enlil was believed to have played a key role in the creation of humanity. According to some Sumerian myths, Enlil helped to create humans by separating them from the animals and granting them the ability to communicate and reason.
  • Enlil was regarded as a protector of kingship and rulership, and was called upon to ensure the stability and prosperity of Sumerian society. He was often depicted as a stern and demanding figure who expected obedience and loyalty from his followers.
  • Enlil was associated with various natural phenomena, including storms, winds, and thunder. He was believed to control the forces of nature and was called upon to bring rain and fertility to the land.
  • Enlil was the father of several other important deities in the Sumerian pantheon, including Ninlil (goddess of grain and fertility) and Nanna/Sin (god of the moon).

This comes from the Sumerian myth known as “Enki and the World Order,” and describes a scene in which the gods gather to assign various roles and responsibilities:

“Anu, king of the gods, they appointed to be their shepherd; the heavenly Anunnaki they entrusted to him. Enlil, lord of the lands, they made to be their counselor; the earthly Anunnaki they entrusted to him. Enki, lord of wisdom, they appointed to be their chief; the sorceries and incantations they entrusted to him.” (Source: “The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature)

According to Sumerian mythology, the creation of humans by Enlil took place during the earliest days of the world. The exact date is not specified, as these stories predate the development of writing and were passed down orally for generations before they were eventually recorded in written form.

Billy Carlson – The All-seeing Eye

Billy Carson explains that Enlil, a deity from ancient Mesopotamian religion, is associated with an “All-Seeing Eye,” similar to modern surveillance technologies. He describes how ancient civilizations, according to various texts and legends, were visited by advanced beings from other star systems, referred to as the Anunnaki. These beings allegedly shared advanced knowledge and technologies with humans, including building techniques and agricultural methods.

Carson speculates that the “All-Seeing Eye” might be a metaphor for advanced surveillance or satellite technology that Enlil, or beings like him, could have used to monitor human activities on Earth.

Carson suggests that the construction and alignment of ancient structures, such as the pyramids, display a level of knowledge and precision that would have required advanced technologies, potentially provided by the Anunnaki. He further theorizes that these ancient beings could observe Earth from space using devices similar to modern satellites, providing them with detailed information about human populations, agricultural conditions, and more.

Additionally, Carson discusses how these ancient narratives and technological implications tie into modern UFO phenomena and governmental transparency regarding extraterrestrial life. He suggests that ancient texts and archaeological evidence might hold clues about past human interactions with advanced extraterrestrial civilizations and that these interactions could be ongoing.

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