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Edgar Cayce (1877–1945)

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Known as the “Sleeping Prophet,” Cayce gave thousands of “psychic readings” while in a trance state, providing insights into health, astrology, and reincarnation.

Some of the most notable ancient civilizations and periods he channeled about include:

Atlantis: Cayce’s readings often referenced the lost civilization of Atlantis, describing it as an advanced society with sophisticated technology, including energy crystals and flying machines. He claimed that Atlanteans had profound spiritual and psychic abilities but eventually faced destruction due to their misuse of power.

Ancient Egypt: Cayce spoke extensively about ancient Egypt, often in the context of the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza. He attributed its construction to a cooperative effort between Egyptians and refugees from Atlantis, guided by spiritual principles. He also connected the Egyptian civilization with the preservation of ancient knowledge, particularly regarding spirituality and the human soul’s journey.

Lemuria or Mu: Similar to Atlantis, Lemuria (or Mu) was described by Cayce as another ancient, lost civilization. It was portrayed as a spiritually advanced culture that existed in the Pacific Ocean region and predated Atlantis. Cayce suggested that the inhabitants of Lemuria were highly evolved beings with deep spiritual knowledge.

Ancient America: Cayce’s readings included references to ancient civilizations in the Americas, particularly those that predated the known Native American cult

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