Blue Avian Starseeds

Blue Avian Starseeds are a spiritually evolved group believed to be here to help humanity by translating messages from the spiritual realm.

Blue Avian Starseeds are fewer in number compared to Pleiadian Starseeds, with approximately 100,000 Blue Avians on Earth versus a million Pleiadians.

Characteristics of Blue Avian Starseeds:

They are highly evolved spiritually and act as messengers between Spirit and humans.

They dislike conventional modes of thought and traditional schooling, preferring to be free thinkers and travelers.

They often feel uncomfortable in their bodies and are drawn to birds.

Creative, musical, humorous, and kind, they often have a good sense of humor which is seen as a sign of enlightenment.

They receive symbolic dreams which are forms of spiritual communication, and keeping a dream journal is recommended.

Spiritual Awakening and Understanding People:

Blue Avian Starseeds often go through a “Dark Night of the Soul,” a challenging but transformative spiritual awakening process.

They are old souls who do not seek recognition but enjoy helping others without needing acknowledgment.

They have a deep understanding of people, often picking up on others’ energies and understanding them better than the individuals understand themselves.

Traits and Abilities:

They can be more productive at night, may have ADHD or neurodivergence, and are easily overwhelmed by negativity.

Highly intuitive and possibly psychic, they can communicate telepathically with people and pets.

Pets tend to gravitate towards them, sensing they are understood.

Exist in a higher-dimensional realm

Blue Avians are believed by those in the New Age and spiritual communities to come from a higher-dimensional realm rather than a specific planet in our physical universe. They are often said to originate from a place known as the “Sixth Density” or “Sixth Dimension,” which is considered a higher plane of existence characterized by advanced spiritual and technological development.

Some sources also associate Blue Avians with the star system of Sirius or other significant celestial bodies within our galaxy. However, it’s important to note that these descriptions are not based on scientific evidence but rather on metaphysical beliefs and channeled messages from individuals who claim to have had contact with these beings.

Overall, Blue Avians are seen as interdimensional beings whose purpose is to aid humanity in spiritual growth and evolution, rather than being tied to a specific physical planet like beings from traditional science fiction narratives.


Blue Avians are often described in the context of metaphysical and spiritual beliefs rather than mainstream science or anthropology.

Appearance: Blue Avians are said to be tall, ranging from 7 to 9 feet in height. They have a humanoid shape but with distinctly avian features.

Feathers and Color: They are covered in blue feathers, which can range in shades from light blue to deep indigo. Their feathers are often described as soft and smooth.

Facial Features: Their faces are typically bird-like, with beaks rather than mouths, and large, expressive eyes. The eyes are often reported to be particularly striking, sometimes described as having a mystical or kind quality.

Limbs: They have slender, elongated limbs. Their hands have three fingers and a thumb, which are often depicted as being capable of delicate and precise movements.

Aura: Many descriptions emphasize a glowing or radiant aura surrounding Blue Avians, suggesting their high vibrational frequency and advanced spiritual state.

Clothing: They are sometimes depicted wearing simple, flowing garments that add to their ethereal and majestic appearance.

Thoth and Ra

In various spiritual and metaphysical beliefs, Thoth and Ra are often associated with avian characteristics, but their origins and roles are more complex and differ based on the traditions and sources you refer to.


  • In ancient Egyptian mythology, Thoth is the god of wisdom, writing, and knowledge. He is often depicted with the head of an ibis, a bird associated with wisdom and writing.
  • Thoth is sometimes linked to the concept of a highly evolved being or entity that possesses great knowledge and insight, resonating with the attributes of avian starseeds in terms of wisdom and spiritual communication.


  • Ra is the ancient Egyptian sun god, often depicted with a falcon head and a sun disk on his head. He represents the sun, creation, and kingship.
  • Ra is a central figure in Egyptian mythology and is considered a powerful and vital force, embodying creation and life.

Connections to Avian Starseeds:

  • In some New Age and metaphysical circles, Thoth and Ra are sometimes reinterpreted as advanced beings or entities from higher dimensions, similar to the descriptions of avian starseeds.
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