The serpent connection with the Reptilians

Note: I’m not sure about the reliability of this source

Ancient Worship and Religious Texts

The serpent is depicted as an object of worship by many ancient tribes and is mentioned in religious texts, such as the Bible and the myths of the Egyptians and Incas.

In the Bible, the serpent is often portrayed negatively, particularly in the story of the Garden of Eden, where it is depicted as an evil being that tempts Eve.

Reptilian Race and Lacerta

Lacerta, the non-human reptilian creature interviewed by the author, claims to belong to an ancient race of reptiles that evolved on Earth millions of years ago.

This reptilian race is said to have been involved indirectly in the creation of humans through genetic manipulation by another alien race, not as gods or evil beings, but as advanced beings with superior abilities like telepathy and telekinesis.

Role in Human Evolution

Lacerta explains that humans were genetically engineered by another alien race to accelerate their evolution, with the reptilian race being somewhat indirectly involved in this process.

The serpent’s depiction as “evil” in the Bible is considered a misconception by Lacerta, suggesting a more complex relationship between humans and the reptilian race.

Specific Roles and Abilities

Guardians of Knowledge

The reptilian race, represented by Lacerta, claims to possess advanced knowledge and abilities, often misunderstood or feared by humans.

They are depicted as beings with superior intelligence and capabilities, which have led to their portrayal as both gods and demons in human mythology.

Intermediaries and Influencers

The reptilian race is suggested to have had interactions with early human civilizations, influencing their development and perhaps being worshipped or feared as deities.

Their involvement in the creation and evolution of humans places them as significant figures in the speculative history of mankind.

Symbols of Power and Wisdom

In various cultures, the serpent is a symbol of power, wisdom, and sometimes rebirth or immortality, reflecting the complex nature of the reptilian race’s depiction.

The duality of the serpent as both a wise, ancient being and a potential threat or deceiver mirrors the ambiguous nature of Lacerta’s race in the text.

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