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Edgar Cayce about Neptune

“Neptune and Uranus both coming within the entity’s experience through the sojourns there, those things that pertain to the mysterious, the MYSTIC forces or occult sciences, are ever of interest.” (997-1)

“Neptune making for those of the MYSTIC, especially influencing this entity in the respect that those forces as come from that as may be termed odors, INCENSEs, or such, will influence the entity in an unusual way and manner.” (1714-1)

Edgar Cayce reminds us of the influence of the planets as to our consciousness but again tells us that our free will is the decider—the choice-maker—of our lives. In summary:

“So, all of those realms – as in Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus – have their realms of consciousness also. As to how great the influence is depends upon the individual, for none surpass the will of the individual entity – the birthright of each soul. For, the soul is that child of the universal consciousness ye call God, and is made aware of same by the application of laws pertaining to same in the own self.

“Thus the knowledge, the understanding, the interpretation of life, lies within thine own self, as ye apply same in thy activity.” (2823-1)