Inner Earth

This channeling focuses on the concept of inner Earth, past lives, and the interconnectedness between inner and surface Earth.

Past Lives on Earth:

The speaker mentions having around 20 past lives on the surface level of Earth and about 12 in inner Earth.

Inner Earth is depicted as a beautiful place, with an ocean and a sun that is less intense than our surface sun, combining qualities of the sun and moon.

Inner Earth Environment:

The inner Earth sun can be looked at directly without being blinding, unlike the surface sun.

The concept of night in inner Earth is more like a shaded area behind mountains rather than a traditional sunset or night time.

The oceans in inner Earth are mentioned to move similarly to surface oceans, although it’s not clear if there are tides influenced by the sun and moon as on the surface.

Life Purpose and Earth Shift:

The speaker’s life purpose is tied to an upcoming Earth shift, where inner and surface Earth will come together.

They will act as a bridge between the two worlds due to their strong connection and numerous lifetimes spent in inner Earth.

Inner Earth civilizations are described as more unified and less self-centered compared to surface Earth civilizations.

Cultural and Species Diversity:

Inner Earth is home to many different species, some of which surface humans might find difficult to comprehend.

The inner Earth’s society is likened to a fantasy world, akin to something out of “Lord of the Rings”.

Historical Civilizations:

Inner Earth’s regions are compared to ancient civilizations like Lemuria and Atlantis.

Lemuria is described as a mountainous paradise, while Atlantis had similar water energetics but fewer mountains.

The speaker has a soul history tied to these ancient civilizations and mentions having acted as a bridge between different cultures and times.

Human Lifespan and DNA:

The belief is expressed that humans are supposed to live much longer (between 100 to 1000 years) but our DNA has been altered, shortening our lifespans.

This DNA alteration is attributed to ancient events, starting with Atlantis and further impacted by beings like the Anunnaki.

Inner Earth Portals:

There are portals in the ocean that connect surface Earth to inner Earth.

These portals are guarded and can only be accessed by those with the right frequency and love energy.

Elemental Connection:

The speaker has a strong elemental connection due to their inner Earth origins.

This connection allows them to interact with nature and elements on the surface level, as their soul essence is recognized by the elements.

Personal Experience:

The speaker expresses gratitude for being shown inner Earth and shares their personal experiences, including memories from Lemurian lives and escaping a tsunami through an inner Earth portal.

Overall, this discussion is rich in spiritual and metaphysical themes, exploring ideas of past lives, elemental connections, and the unity between different realms of existence.

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