Egyptian Gods

Asa (The Green God)

  • Season: Spring Equinox
  • Character: Symbol of growth and fertility.
  • Significance: Represents the renewal of life and the beginning of planting. Governs the start of the agricultural cycle in September.

Thoth (The God of Wisdom)

  • Season: Spring
  • Character: Embodiment of intelligence and wisdom.
  • Significance: Encourages the development and nurturing of young plants. Governs the month of October, representing intellectual growth and nurturing.

Anubis (The Guardian of the Dead)

  • Season: Spring
  • Character: Protector and guide, associated with the afterlife.
  • Significance: Oversees the nurturing process and ensures the proper development of crops. Governs the month of November.

Nephthys (The Goddess of Mourning)

  • Season: Summer Solstice
  • Character: Symbol of maturity and the peak of summer.
  • Significance: Marks the time of the first fruits celebration and the sun’s closest point to Earth. Governs the month of December.

Kepra (The God of Transformation)

  • Season: Summer
  • Character: Represents growth and transformation.
  • Significance: Nurtures the ongoing growth of crops and personal development. Governs the month of January, focusing on transformation and energy nurturing.

Ma’at (The Goddess of Truth and Balance)

  • Season: Summer
  • Character: Embodiment of truth, balance, and harmony.
  • Significance: Ensures a successful and balanced harvest. Governs the month of February, bringing order and harmony.

Osiris (The God of the Underworld)

  • Season: Autumn Equinox
  • Character: Symbol of preservation and preparation.
  • Significance: Oversees the storage of seeds and preparation for winter. Governs the month of March.

Horus (The God of the Sky)

  • Season: Autumn
  • Character: Protector and vigilant overseer.
  • Significance: Ensures readiness for the winter months and oversees the transitional phase. Governs the month of April.

Sekhmet (The Goddess of Healing)

  • Season: Autumn
  • Character: Purifier and healer.
  • Significance: Focuses on purification, healing, and preparation for hibernation. Governs the month of May.

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