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The Rmoahal Race

3,000,000 BCE


It suggests that every 30,000 years, minor glacial epochs occur, with two significant glaciations in Atlantis’s history. The first, was during the Rmoahal era around 3,000,000 years ago, and the second in the Toltec era, around 850,000 years ago.

Introduction to the Rmoahal Race

Theosophical literature identifies the Rmoahal race as the first Atlantean sub-race.

Theosophical Context of the Rmoahal

In Theosophy, Atlanteans stand as a key human root race. This view presents human development in epochs, with Atlanteans following Lemurians. The Rmoahal, as an early Atlantean sub-race, feature in depictions rich in spiritual and metaphysical significance. These portrayals, symbolic and allegorical, add depth to the narrative of humanity’s spiritual journey.

Origins and Characteristics of the Rmoahal

Theosophists place the Rmoahal’s origin between four and five million years ago on the Lemurian continent. The location, now the Ashanti coast, had a hot, moist climate and was home to large prehistoric animals. The Rmoahals, initially towering at ten to twelve feet with mahogany-black skin, gradually saw a decrease in their height.

Migration and Evolution

The Rmoahals migrated to Atlantis’s southern shores, often clashing with Lemurian sub-races. A group moved north, gradually becoming fairer in skin color over generations. Others intermarried with Lemurian aborigines in the south, leading to mixed lineages. By the first map period, they had become a fair-skinned people.

Impact of Glacial Epochs

The narrative also highlights glacial epochs’ effects on the Rmoahals. It suggests minor glacial epochs every 30,000 years. Atlantis experienced two major glaciations: the first during the Rmoahal era about 3,000,000 years ago and the second in the Toltec era around 850,000 years ago. These ice ages forced migrations southward, although northern returns occurred in summer for hunting.

Link to Atlantis

The “Rmoahals” were black skinned and stood between 10 and 12 feet tall and waged continuous war with the remaining Lemurians. As time went on some of them moved to the North of Atlantis where their skins became lighter and their stature shorter — because of their huge stature the Rmoahals were used as bodyguards by the Chieftains of Ancient Afrika. Source