Nymphs in Greek mythology are nature spirits associated with various natural features such as forests, rivers, mountains, and seas. They are often depicted as beautiful young maidens and are considered minor deities. Here is a list of some of the main types of nymphs and notable individual nymphs:

Nymphs Associated with Earth Elements

Type of NymphDescriptionNotable Individual NymphsDescription
NaiadsFreshwater nymphs (rivers, streams, springs, fountains)ArethusaTransformed into a freshwater spring
Dryads (Hamadryads)Tree nymphs (oak trees and all trees)DaphneTransformed into a laurel tree to escape Apollo
OreadsMountain nymphsEchoCursed by Hera to only repeat others’ words; fell in love with Narcissus
MeliadsNymphs of ash trees
CrinaeaeNymphs of fountains
Limnades (Limnatiades)Nymphs of lakes
EpimeliadsNymphs of meadows
SyrinxTransformed into reeds to escape Pan
EurydiceDryad, wife of Orpheus, died from a snake bite and pursued by Orpheus into the underworld

Nymphs Associated with Cosmology:

Type of NymphDescriptionNotable Individual NymphsDescription
OceanidsSea nymphs (daughters of Oceanus and Tethys)CalypsoDetained Odysseus on her island, Ogygia
MetisTitaness of wisdom, mother of Athena
DioneTitaness, sometimes considered the mother of Aphrodite
StyxPersonification of the river Styx, associated with oaths
NereidsSea nymphs (daughters of Nereus and Doris)ThetisMother of Achilles
AmphitriteWife of Poseidon, queen of the sea
GalateaLoved by the Cyclops Polyphemus
HesperidesNymphs of the evening and golden sunsetsAegleOne of the Hesperides, associated with the golden apples
ErytheiaOne of the Hesperides
HesperiaOne of the Hesperides
ArethusaOne of the Hesperides
LampadsUnderworld nymphs, companions of Hecate
HyadesNymphs associated with the constellation Hyades, bringers of rain
PleiadesNymphs associated with the star cluster PleiadesMaiaEldest of the Pleiades, mother of Hermes
ElectraMother of Dardanus and Iasion
TaygeteMother of Lacedaemon
AlcyoneWife of Ceyx, turned into a kingfisher
CelaenoMother of Lycus and Nycteus
Sterope (Asterope)Wife of Oenomaus
MeropeWife of Sisyphus
PleioneMother of the Pleiades and Hyas
Astral NymphsNymphs associated with stars and celestial bodies
MusesGoddesses of inspiration for literature, science, and the artsUraniaMuse of astronomy

This table includes the major types of cosmological nymphs and several notable individuals, along with brief descriptions.

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