Father Seán ÓLaoire

Jesus a reincarnation of the Buddha?


Father Seán ÓLaoire suggests some non-traditional ideas about Jesus, which include the following key points:

Reincarnation of the Buddha

Father Seán proposes that Jesus of Nazareth might have been a reincarnation of the Buddha. He believes that every era needs an infusion of advanced spirituality, and that great souls like Jesus and the Buddha return in different forms to provide this spiritual guidance.

Parallel Lifetimes

He also suggests that great souls, like Jesus, may be living parallel lifetimes. This concept means that a soul can have multiple incarnations simultaneously, as time does not exist in the same way beyond our physical reality. This allows for the possibility of Jesus and other great spiritual figures being present in multiple forms and eras.

Life Between Lives

Father Seán shares his experience of a life between lives session where he encountered Jesus. In this session, he humorously asked Jesus to return because humanity is in “deep doo-doo,” to which Jesus laughed. This experience reinforces Father Seán’s belief in the continued presence and influence of Jesus.

The Missing Years of Jesus

He questions the traditional narrative that omits Jesus’s life from age 12 to 30, suggesting that during this time, Jesus was likely learning and growing just like anyone else. He might have traveled, encountered other spiritual traditions, and gained wisdom from diverse sources.

Mystical Teachings

Father Seán emphasizes that Jesus, like other avatars and enlightened beings, had an extraordinary understanding of cosmic laws. These figures can perform what seem to be miracles, but which are really demonstrations of a deeper understanding of how the universe works.

Gnostic Intermediary

Father Seán aspires to be what Carl Jung called a “gnostic intermediary”—someone well-versed in different spiritual traditions who can cross-fertilize them to mutual benefit. He sees Jesus in this light, as a figure who embodied wisdom from multiple traditions and conveyed it to his followers.

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