2033 Predictions

2,033 AD

Civil Uprising in the US:

The US will experience civil uprisings due to a corrupt election, leading to significant changes in the political system. By 2031, the two-party system will be replaced with a more open political system.

Russia’s Expansion:

Russia will continue its aggressive expansion, targeting Estonia by 2026, with a strong focus on claiming lands in Eastern and Western Europe.

World War:

There will be a World War involving Russia and potentially China, leading to significant global conflict and changes.

South Africa:

South Africa will see the rise of another corrupt leader around 2033, resulting in an unsafe political environment.

European Economic Community (EEC):

The EEC will experience economic struggles between 2030 and 2031 due to a housing crisis but will recover by 2033.

US Economy:

The S&P 500 will see significant growth, with stocks rising to six times their current value by 2033, following a complete economic collapse prior to this state.

Digital Currency:

There will be an attempt to roll out digital currency, but it will be largely rejected, particularly after civil crises between 2029 and 2030.


Cardano will surpass Bitcoin temporarily in 2029. Bitcoin will crash in 2030 and recover by 2033, with Ethereum emerging as the leading cryptocurrency.

Bees and Environment:

Bee populations will continue to decrease, with a slow comeback due to environmental devastation.

Polar Bears:

Polar bears will undergo extreme adaptations due to significant ice melting.

Historical Discoveries:

In 2031, hieroglyphs in an unknown Pharaoh’s tomb in Egypt will be discovered, revealing ancient health technologies involving light.

Climate Change and Natural Disasters:

Various regions in the US and worldwide will experience significant natural disasters, including water damage in California, tsunamis in Thailand, volcanic activity in Hawaii, and extreme weather conditions in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Colorado.

Medical Advancements:

By 2033, there will be cures for various cancers, Parkinson’s disease, and leukemia, along with advancements in biodegradable plastics and plasma energy sources.

World Peace:

There will be significant peace efforts, with permanent peace achieved between Israel and Palestine by 2033.

Alien Contact:

In 2030, extraterrestrials will land near the US White House, leading to global headlines and multiple sightings worldwide.

US Presidential Election 2025:

Joe Biden will win the 2025 US presidential election through the electoral vote despite a locked popular vote.

Economic and Political Changes:

The US will experience significant economic changes, including the forgiveness of student loans by 2026 and the rise of electric cars and trains.

AI and Education:

AI will be used mainly for robotic surgeries, foreign language translation, and tutoring in subjects like mathematics and history. Education will become more flexible, with virtual and partial attendance options.

Social Media and Internet:

People will move away from being glued to their screens, focusing more on practical activities like farming and raising children. There will be periodic internet outages, particularly during conflicts.

Canada as a Superpower:

Canada will rise as a superpower, becoming a model of diplomacy and economic stability.

Future Presidents:

By 2033, the US president will be an African-American woman.

Environmental and Agricultural Changes:

Farming practices will shift towards permaculture and regenerative agriculture, reducing large-scale farming and focusing on sustainability.

Free Energy Adoption:

Free energy will be adopted worldwide, starting in Europe and spreading to other regions, including the US by 2030.


Homelessness will be addressed more compassionately, with people taking others into their homes and the community working together to solve the issue.

Population Changes:

The world population will decrease significantly between 2029 and 2031, then recover to around 10 billion by 2033.

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