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Zé Arigó – Dr Fritz

Zé Arigó was born in Fazenda do Faria, a small city in Brazil. The family’s few resources only ensured that he studied up to the third grade of the current Elementary School, at Grupo Escolar Barão de Congonhas.

Around 1950, Arigó began to experience severe headaches, insomnia, perceiving visions (a light described as very bright), and a guttural voice (in a language he did not understand) that made him believe he was on the verge of madness. The situation lasted for about three years, during which he visited doctors and specialists, without improvement.

Arigó kept having the same dream where he heard a voice that bothered him. In the dream, he saw a strong, bald man wearing old clothes and a white apron. This man was supervising a group of doctors and nurses in a big room where they were working on a patient. The dream happened many times. Then, the man in the dream told Arigó he was Adolph Fritz, a German doctor who died during the First World War (1914-1918) before finishing his work on Earth. Arigó didn’t fully understand the language, but he got the message: he was chosen by Dr. Fritz to continue his work through him. Other spirits, like doctors and nurses who had also died, would help them.

Desperate, without finding a way out, one day he decided to try to fulfill the dream’s request: finding a friend, crippled, forced to use crutches to walk, Arigó suddenly ordered him to give up his crutches. And tearing them off with his own hands, he then ordered his friend to walk, which he did, continuing to do so from that day forward.

From then on, a force that Arigó considered as “strange” began to use his rough hands to handle rough instruments, in delicate surgical procedures, in caring for the sick and afflicted.

Hundreds of thousands of people – reportedly including the Superman actor Christopher Reeve – have visited Mr Faria since 1990 because they believe in the faith healer’s ‘psychic surgery’.

Arigó treated up to 1,000 people a day, never using anaesthetic or antiseptic, even when performing invasive surgery.

‘I work on average for 14 hours a day, from Monday to Friday, incorporated with Dr Fritz, I only sleep four or five hours a night. My life revolves around my spiritual work.’

It was proven that the medium’s practice did not involve illusionism or sorcery, declaring that 95% of the medium’s diagnoses were correct and that operations carried out with a pocket knife, without any asepsis, were only possible due to their sensitivity, explainable only in the light of parapsychology.

Arigó died on January 11, 1971, in a car accident on the BR-040 highway.

It’s an unbelievable story, a story well known in Brazil, well documented and researched, the main narrative in the media is skeptical and focuses on the accusation of murder, tax evasion, charlatanism, and money laundering.

I started to open up to the idea that people can act as channelers. I found two cases that felt trustworthy, so maybe other channelers could shine some light on my study of our history.

One other thing that came to my attention while watching Mathias’ videos is that there are multiple dimensions. We operate in the 3rd dimension. I will explain more about this later on, but for now keep in mind that there is the 8th dimension, known as the Akashic records which is key in understanding channeling.

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