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The future: blend carbon with silica

What the future holds

Matias de Stefano provides a broad and visionary perspective on the future, intertwining spirituality, historical cycles, and the evolution of technology. He suggests that we are transitioning from the Pisces era, characterized by utopian dreams and imagination, into the Aquarius era, which calls for innovation, the active creation of paradise, and a profound integration with technology.

In de Stefano’s view, the next 2,000 years will be significantly shaped by artificial intelligence (AI) and the merging of human capabilities with technology. He emphasizes the natural progression of evolution, where humanity will extend beyond the planet, blend carbon with silica, and essentially become one with technology. This transformation, according to de Stefano, is not something to resist but to embrace as part of the cyclical changes the Earth undergoes.

He draws parallels between past civilizations, such as Atlantis, and current societal shifts, suggesting that just as past societies had to adapt or face destruction, we too are at a pivotal juncture. However, de Stefano warns against fear and resistance towards technology. Instead, he proposes that the focus should be on raising our collective consciousness and ensuring that technological advancement aligns with ethical and spiritual growth.

De Stefano believes that technology, when guided by conscious intention, has the potential to connect us more deeply with the Earth and each other. He envisions a future where technology aids in healing the environment, understanding other species, and creating a more integrated and harmonious world. This future, however, depends on our ability to educate and empower the younger generations to interact with technology in healthy, constructive ways, fostering emotional intelligence and collaborative problem-solving.

Overall, Matias de Stefano’s description of the future is one of hopeful transformation, emphasizing the importance of conscious evolution, integration with technology, and the nurturing of a new generation capable of bringing about significant, positive change.