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Before we begin, I want to encourage you to keep an open mind while reading this book. This might be particularly challenging, especially for readers like me, from the Netherlands, or from similar cultures where skepticism often prevails over open-mindedness.

The Netherlands is known globally as a progressive country, leading the way in legalizing soft drugs and embracing same-sex marriage. Yet, it’s also a place with a strong historical adherence to Catholic and Protestant values, where traditional roles and behaviors have long been the norm. The Dutch often say, ‘Just act normal, that’s already crazy enough.’ This reflects a culture where sticking to what’s known and proven is preferred, and being radically open to new ideas isn’t always the standard.

Now, think about the countless videos of crop circles, reported extraterrestrial sightings, ghost stories, and instances of paranormal abilities. These subjects might pique our curiosity, but often, we retreat to the safety of skepticism rather than considering the possibilities they might suggest.

This book isn’t just a recount of historical events and archaeological findings. It’s an exploration based on a blend of conventional and unconventional sources and theories.

In the next chapter, I’ll explain this approach in more detail. As we move forward, I invite you to question, to wonder, and to consider perspectives outside the conventional scope. This journey through our history is not just about learning what happened; it’s about opening ourselves to what could be.

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