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Human History Revised


What do we know about human history? Those who have read “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari might think it’s the most current portrayal of our past.

Yet, something’s missing. Evolution moves slowly, and it’s taken us thousands of years to evolve. Yet, in just about 15,000 years, Homo Sapiens went from being hunter-gatherers to advanced societies, mastering astronomy, architecture, and agriculture.

And then there are the mysteries like the ancient pyramids and temples. We have theories on how the pyramids were built, but no certain answers. Even with today’s technology, building such structures would be incredibly challenging. To put it in perspective, a modern crane can lift about 20 tonnes, while some stones in the Great Pyramid weigh between 25 to 80 tonnes.

And it’s not just in Egypt. Ancient pyramids and temples are found worldwide, often built in similar ways and unexpected places.

In this book, I suggest that maybe, long ago, we had some help that pushed us forward as a species.

When reading this book, keep an open mind but also question everything. It might be challenging at first, but by the end, you may see our history in a new light. And not just our history but more, which I’ll get into later.

I hope this book inspires you to look at things differently, live life to the fullest, and explore the incredible things we can achieve as humans.

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