Lemuria, Australia, and Aboriginal People

Lemuria, Australia, and Aboriginal People

Escape from Lemuria:

The speaker mentions escaping from Lemuria and going to Uluru in Australia.

They stayed in Australia and helped to seed life there.

Aboriginal People:

The Aboriginal people are described as star people, strongly connected to the stars.

These people are depicted as having very dark skin, almost like looking at space with stars on them.

They are not affiliated with any particular star system but rather all the stars, embodying a universal essence.

Human Evolution:

By the time the speaker reached Australia, they were fully human.

The Aboriginal people are considered the original humans, with their genetics being foundational for other human developments.

They are described as advanced and possessing the best qualities of humanity.

Genetic Mixing and Star People:

The conversation suggests that various star races mixed their DNA with Aboriginal genetics to create the current Earth humans.

Aboriginal people are described as truly Gaia beings, indigenous to Earth, unlike other humanoid races that originated from Lyra and other star systems.

Gaia and Earth Experiment:

Earth is depicted as a special place, an experiment with diverse DNA from various galaxies.

Gaia (Earth) has its own consciousness and originally had its indigenous plants and beings before star races populated it.

The concept of seeding Earth involves introducing star genetics, plants, animals, and energies to mix with indigenous Earth elements.

Purpose and Unity:

Earth is seen as a place where beings from different origins come to learn to coexist and get along.

The Aboriginal people are depicted as the embodiment of Earth’s essence, coexisting with the planet in harmony.

This summary captures the themes of past life experiences, the connection between ancient civilizations, genetic mixing by star races, and the unique role of Aboriginal people in the spiritual and genetic history of Earth.

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