Extraterrestrials See Humans as ‘Containers of Souls’”

In the article “Journalist Reveals Bob Lazar’s Astonishing Claim: Extraterrestrials See Humans as ‘Containers of Souls’” by Vicky Verma, several key details are revealed about what the aliens communicated to Bob Lazar:

Extraterrestrial Perception of Humans:

Bob Lazar was informed that extraterrestrials view humans as “containers of souls.” This concept suggests that humans are vessels holding something of value or significance, likely referring to the soul.

Manipulation of Human Brains:

The aliens claimed they have the ability to anesthetize the human body remotely, without physical contact. This process requires the brain to be in a relaxed state, similar to hypnosis, and is ineffective if the brain is stimulated by external factors like drugs or loud music.

Genetic Alteration of Humans:

According to the extraterrestrials, humans have undergone 65 genetic alterations. They described humanity as a product of “externally corrected evolution,” indicating deliberate and repeated genetic modifications by an external intelligence.

John Lear’s Theory:

John Lear suggested that aliens view human souls as a commodity, comparing our bodies to containers in which these souls mature, akin to wine. This aligns with theories proposed by other researchers, such as Linda M. Howe and David Icke, who believe extraterrestrials consume human souls or energy.

Reincarnation and Soul Recycling:

David Icke believes reincarnation is a trap designed by these extraterrestrials, while Linda M. Howe suggests that reincarnation and soul recycling are mechanisms of the universe controlled by non-human intelligences.

Robert Monroe’s Findings:

Robert Monroe, through his research on altered states of consciousness and his development of Hemispheric Synchronization (Hemi-Sync), discovered interdimensional entities, frequently reptilian humanoids, which he called Reptilians. Monroe asserted that these beings have been manipulating humanity for millennia, feeding on negative human emotions and spiritual energy, referred to as “loosh.”

Government Interest in Monroe’s Work:

Monroe’s work attracted the attention of the US government, leading to his involvement in the classified Gateway Process project, which explored remote viewing and altered states of consciousness.

British Woman’s Abduction Experience:

Samantha McDonald, a British woman, claimed repeated abductions by reptilian and Grey aliens. She reported that these beings sought her energy and soul essence, often leaving physical marks on her body.

The Galactic Zoo Hypothesis:

The METI (Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence) research organization discussed the “zoo hypothesis,” which posits that extraterrestrials might be observing humans similarly to how we observe animals in a zoo, implying that our planet could be part of a larger extraterrestrial experiment or containment area.

Luis Elizondo’s Speculation:

Luis Elizondo, a former U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent, speculated that if humans are just another species in an extraterrestrial “zoo,” this realization would profoundly impact our social institutions and our understanding of human history and purpose.

These points collectively paint a picture of a complex and potentially unsettling interaction between humanity and extraterrestrial beings, suggesting that humans are seen as vessels for souls, subject to genetic manipulation, and possibly observed or controlled by advanced non-human intelligences.


Described as reptilian humanoids, these entities are frequently encountered during altered states of consciousness and remote viewing experiments. Robert Monroe referred to them as “the alligators” due to their crocodilian features. Monroe’s research indicated that these beings have been manipulating humanity for millennia, feeding on negative human emotions and spiritual energy, referred to as “loosh.”

Samantha McDonald, a British woman, also reported encounters with Reptilians during her alleged abductions. She claimed these beings sought her energy and soul essence.

The Greys:

Samantha McDonald mentioned that the Greys, another alien species, work together with the Reptilians. The Greys are often described in UFO literature as having large heads, big black eyes, and small, thin bodies.

Interdimensional Entities:

During the Gateway Process experiments, participants reported encountering various interdimensional entities, with Reptilian humanoids being the most frequently mentioned. These entities are said to operate within the 4th dimension, invisible to most humans.

These descriptions suggest a variety of non-human intelligences, primarily focusing on Reptilian and Grey aliens, with specific roles and interactions with humans according to the experiences and claims of the individuals involved.

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