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Sheila Gillette

A new United Nations

As humanity advances in awareness and consciousness, new innovations and technologies are emerging daily to assist the planet and utilize new forms of energy. These innovations are transforming business structures and moving towards a global economic system that benefits the entire world rather than a select few. A future is envisioned where a structure similar to, but more powerful and collaborative than, the United Nations facilitates global cooperation. This structure aims to serve all human species and maintain the sustainability of the planet and life itself, reflecting a shift from competition to collaboration.

The energy of war and suffering, rooted in control by a few over the masses, is being challenged by a collective recognition of individual and collective power. Political structures are evolving in response to the demands of the people, facilitated by connections made possible through the internet. This global connectivity empowers individuals to seek truth and engage in critical thinking, valuing their divine knowing over the opinions of others.

Humanity’s natural inclination to assist those in pain or danger, as seen in responses to global crises, highlights a growing strength in collective empathy and action. The shift towards inward love and self-empowerment reflects outward, influencing global changes. The understanding that external events are a reflection of internal states emphasizes the importance of personal transformation in contributing to global peace and cooperation.

The universe operates on fundamental laws, such as the law of electricity and the law of manifestation, which can be harnessed for the benefit of humanity. Understanding and applying these laws, like the law of attraction and the law of receptivity, empowers individuals to create the lives they desire. The quantum field responds to human thoughts and beliefs, emphasizing the importance of positive focus and the belief in one’s deservingness of their desired life.

The experience of being in a human body, with its ability to perceive beauty, taste, and music, is seen as a unique and valuable aspect of earthly life. The appreciation for the sensory experiences available on Earth underscores the importance of the physical human experience in the broader context of universal energy and consciousness.

44:13 – Innovations

  • A global structure that works for the whole earth
  • The UN but similar
  • Countries with the same purpose
  • Expand through awareness