2028 Predications

2,028 AD

Channeling a human from the year 2028: The person has channeled beings from the future, including years beyond 2028, and has now been asked to go backward to a more relatable timeframe.

Questions on location predictions: Questions about specific locations will be addressed as time allows, with a focus on world predictions for the month and year.

Impacts of future viewing: Viewing the future can change it for the better as it helps individuals and societies make empowered decisions.

Collective timeline potential: The future is not set in stone and represents a collective potential that can be altered.

Quantum entanglement: Time and events are interconnected in the quantum field, and actions in the present can influence future outcomes.

5D living: Fifth-dimensional living involves a compassionate, conscious lifestyle that can coexist with third-dimensional experiences.

Transformation of leadership and governance: Leaders and governmental policies will evolve towards more compassion and collaboration.

Environmental and scientific advancements:

  • Significant improvement in ozone layer recovery.
  • Reduction in plastic nanoparticles in food, soil, and water.
  • New technologies for biodegradable plastics by 2025.
  • Advancements in oceanography and the regeneration of coral reefs and marine life.
  • Free energy extraction from quantum space being in early stages of public access.

Extraterrestrial interactions: Public interactions with non-human intelligence will become newsworthy, leading to new technologies and scientific breakthroughs.

Advancements in medical science:

  • New treatments and cures for brain cancer and Alzheimer’s disease based on discoveries in Antarctica.
  • Improvements in water purification technologies influenced by extraterrestrial contact.

Housing market:

  • Europe will avoid wars and focus on economic and labor improvements.
  • Australia’s housing market will crash in 2027 but recover to more affordable levels.
  • The US housing market will see interest rate drops in mid-2025, making it a better time to buy.

Conflict resolutions:

  • The Israel-Palestine situation will see multiple peace treaties with decreasing severity in conflicts.
  • North Korea will experience an uprising but will be managed by international intervention.
  • The Ukraine conflict will de-escalate and peace treaties will be signed.

Shifts in economic and environmental policies:

  • Improvement in food production methods and reduction of industrialized agriculture.
  • Development of new agricultural practices and technologies.
  • Increased efforts in soil regeneration and sustainable farming practices.

Societal changes:

  • A shift towards more independent and compassionate lifestyles.
  • The legal and educational systems will evolve to be more humane and adaptable to individual needs.
  • Reduction in heavy metal toxicity and pollution in water sources.

Global cooperation and technological advancements:

  • Increased international cooperation in environmental conservation and sustainable practices.
  • The continuation of technologies to clean oceans and purify water.
  • These predictions reflect a vision of a more conscious, compassionate, and scientifically advanced future with significant environmental and societal transformations.
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