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Who is Anu?

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Anu was often associated with divine kingship, and was believed to have bestowed the right to rule on earthly kings and rulers. He was regarded as a protector of order and justice, and was called upon to ensure the stability and prosperity of Sumerian society.

Anu was the father of several other important deities in the Sumerian pantheon, including Enlil (god of the air and storms) and Ea/Enki (god of water, wisdom, and creation).

Anu was also associated with various celestial bodies, including the stars, planets, and constellations. In some Sumerian myths, he was believed to be the ruler of the entire cosmos, and was called upon to maintain the balance and harmony of the universe.

Anu was often depicted as a distant and aloof figure, and was rarely depicted interacting with mortal beings. Nevertheless, he was regarded with great reverence and respect by the Sumerians, who believed that his favor was essential for the prosperity and well-being of their society.

“Anu, king of the gods, they appointed to be their shepherd; the heavenly Anunnaki they entrusted to him. Enlil, lord of the lands, they made to be their counselor; the earthly Anunnaki they entrusted to him. Enki, lord of wisdom, they appointed to be their chief; the sorceries and incantations they entrusted to him.”

Source: “The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature

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