Height of Adam, Eve and Noah

The French orientalist, Henrion, member of the Academy, however, fixed it with a precision satisfactory, at least, to himself. He gives the following table of the relative heights of several eminent historical personages:—

Figure Size (Feet) Size (Meters)
Adam 123 feet 9 inches 37.72
Eve 118 feet 9.75 in. 36.21
Noah 103 feet 31.39
Abraham 27 feet 8.23
Moses 13 feet 3.96
Hercules 10 feet 3.05
Alexander 6 feet 1.83
Julius Cæsar 5 feet 1.52

​It is interesting to have the height of Eve to the decimal of an inch. It must, however, be stated that the measures of the traditional tomb of Eve at Jedda give her a much greater stature. “On entering the great gate of the cemetery, one observes on the left a little wall three feet high, forming a square of ten to twelve feet.

There lies the head of our first mother. In the middle of the cemetery is a sort of cupola, where reposes the middle of her body, and at the other extremity, near the door of egress, is another little wall, also three feet high, forming a lozenge-shaped enclosure: there are her feet.

In this place is a large piece of cloth, whereon the faithful deposit their offerings, which serve for the maintenance of a constant burning of perfumes over the midst of her body.

The distance between her head and feet is 400 feet. How we have shrunk since the creation!”—Lettre de H. A. D., Consul de France en Abyssinie, 1841.


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