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Follow your intuition

By Bashar

Many people have been taught to believe that the physical mind should control everything and figure out how things are supposed to happen for everything to work. However, this is not the actual role of the physical mind. It is not designed to understand how things happen but to perceive how things have happened. The ability to comprehend how things happen lies with the higher self, a level of being just above physical reality that is also part of your personal being.

The higher self conceives ideas, while the physical brain receives and the physical mind perceives. The physical mind does not generate ideas; it can only perceive the result of ideas conceived by the higher self. Understanding this relationship can improve communication with the higher self, allowing the physical mind to focus on its true job: focusing in physical reality to perceive and experience the result of what was conceived by the higher self.

This understanding allows one to relax and not feel overwhelmed by the need to figure everything out. The physical mind, if believed to be in charge, can get caught in a loop, trying to replicate past successes, which hinders progression. By letting the higher self guide and the physical mind follow, you avoid unnecessary stress and exhaustion.

The higher self, metaphorically on the mountaintop, can see the bigger picture and guide the physical self, in the valley, towards the right path. Trust in the higher self is essential, as it is an aspect of you, and by listening to it instead of the physical mind’s insistence on control, you can move more freely and efficiently towards your goals.

Compartmentalizing oneself, by not acknowledging the role of the higher self, leads to functioning incompletely. This overburdens the physical mind, causing exhaustion, stress, and a breakdown, leading to feelings of victimization and resentment. Surrendering to the higher self and allowing it to carry its designed load lightens one’s overall burden, energizes, and enlightens, making the journey towards goals more joyous and efficient.

The universe does not expect struggle and suffering but welcomes challenges as exciting activities. Misunderstanding one’s true nature leads to resistance against the natural self, resulting in unnecessary struggle. Embracing the holistic, interconnected self allows for a balanced and fulfilling life.

In this age of transformation, recognizing the support of the higher self and other aspects of one’s being can alleviate the load carried by the physical mind. This shift towards a complete, interconnected self prevents the negative spiral of victimization, isolation, and self-loathing, paving the way for a life filled with passion, synchronicity, and miraculous experiences.