Annunaki & RH Negative Bloodline

Higher Purpose and Origin

The Anunnaki were created as a hybrid race combining angelic and reptilian qualities. Their primary mission was to protect Earth by eliminating distortions and corruption.

Earth as a Living Library

Earth is described as a “living library,” holding essential information and memories. The Anunnaki’s role was to safeguard this library from external influences and attacks.

Hybridization for Influence

Angelic beings, unable to exist physically on Earth, hybridized with lower, more physical beings (a mix of mammalian and reptilian traits). This allowed them to influence Earth from within.

Methods and Ethical Complexity

The Anunnaki’s actions included aggressive measures to eliminate distortions, akin to biblical plagues. Their mission was to control and eradicate corruptive elements on Earth.

Historical Impact and Modern Misconceptions

Historically, the Anunnaki significantly influenced early human civilizations, particularly in Sumeria, imparting knowledge and guiding societal development.

Modern interpretations often depict them negatively, focusing on their aggressive actions. However, their true origin and purpose were rooted in protection and preservation.

Genetic Legacy and Rh-Negative Blood

Rh-negative blood in humans is sometimes linked to the Anunnaki, suggesting a genetic legacy from these hybrids. This blood type is thought to indicate a unique soul history and connection to the Anunnaki’s mission.

Dual Nature: Light and Shadow

The Anunnaki embodied both light (higher purpose) and shadow (aggressive methods). Their legacy includes both protection and destruction, reflecting their complex role in Earth’s history.


The Anunnaki were essential in maintaining Earth’s integrity, acting as protectors and enforcers. Their hybrid nature allowed them to manifest physically and fulfill their mission of safeguarding the planet from corruption and distortion.

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