My grandfather said that the turtle was tilted sideways a bit, and this would be the Rockies. The tectonics follow the marking of the turtle as well.


Mount Shasta

The Lemurians established an underground city, Telos, beneath Mount Shasta after their continent sank

Adam Story

Adam and Bahouna

The Creator had, moreover, strictly forbidden him to eat or drink. The great enemy, however, came to him, and painted to him in glowing colours the sweetness of the apple.

Malagasy Adam Story

Zanahary shaped Andrianerinerina

In the beginning, Zanahary, the Creator, made the first human being, a man named Andrianerinerina.

Legends of Old Testament Characters

Androgyne Adam

And God created man in His own image, male-female created He them,” Adam and Eve were formed back to back, united at the shoulders