5th Dimension

6th Dimension

The Weaver or Spiders

The weaver or spider metaphor likely pertains to the Sixth Dimension in Matias De Stefano’s framework.

First World (~1 million to ~200,000 years ago)
Second World (~200,000 to ~50,000 years ago)
Third World (~50,000 to ~12,000 years ago)
Fourth World (~12,000 years ago to Present)


6th – Architects

Where light becomes a rainbow. One being becomes multiple beings. You are the creator but you are also transforming.

Hollow earth theory

Is the earth hollow?

The Hollow Earth theory is a concept proposing that the planet Earth is entirely hollow or contains a substantial interior space.

A summary of the four dimensions and their characteristics as explained by Neil deGrasse: Matias de Stefano about the 9 Dimensions. Spiritual Light Realm 8th dimension – Light becomes spirit Free Form Realm 7th dimension – Spirit has form Etheric Realm 6th dimension – Form develops a purpose Etheric Form Realm 5th dimension – Form’s … Read more


5th Dimension

5th Dimension is about understanding the creation. It’s like living in the middle of an cable, you are just energy flowing constantly.