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New Theory
Abraxas symbolize the initiation.

Abraxas is considered a powerful entity or deity. In Gnostic belief, Abraxas is described as a god with various attributes and was depicted on ancient amulets and gems, often with the head of a rooster, the body of a human, and snakes for legs, symbolizing the supreme being who encompasses both the divine and the demonic.

The name “Abraxas” is also significant in numerology, where the letters add up to the mystical number 365, representing the days of the year and thus, a symbol of the universe’s completeness.

Abraxas has also been referenced in literature and psychology, notably by Carl Jung, who interpreted the figure as representing the driving force of synthesis, a unity between opposing forces within the psyche.

Abraxas is the god who is both good and evil, light and darkness, life and death. He is the god of the fullness of life, and he is the god of transformation. Yaldabaoth is the same god, but he is also the god of the unconscious mind. He is the god of our shadow selves, and he is the god of our fears and our desires. We must confront and integrate Yaldabaoth in order to achieve wholeness.

Carl Jung – The Red Book