Splitting of the Parallel Realities

The concept of expanding consciousness beyond the physical body reflects a significant shift in human awareness.

This shift is characterized by the realization that individuals “occupy more space” than just their physical forms, leading to a greater sense of connection to other realities and dimensions that they are part of through their consciousness.

This expansion is not just about exploring new levels of consciousness but also about becoming aware of the existence in these other dimensions, which is driving the current phase of human evolution.

This period is described as the end of a cycle of forgetting and the beginning of a cycle of remembering who we truly are. It represents a natural timing for collective change, analogous to graduating from one level of education to another, based on the lessons learned and the readiness to move on to the next level.

Humanity is now transitioning from focusing solely on the earthly dimension to expanding its awareness into other dimensions, indicating a significant evolution in consciousness.

This evolution is likened to the birth of “homo Galacticus,” a term suggesting that humanity is moving beyond its terrestrial confines and preparing to engage with the wider galaxy.

This next phase of human evolution involves applying the knowledge and awareness gained through this expanded consciousness in a broader, galactic context, akin to entering the “job market of the Galaxy.”

It signifies a transformative period where humanity begins to explore and integrate into the larger cosmic community.

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